ESPM Professor receives prestigious Miller Professorship

February 16, 2010

Professor Allen Goldstein, currently chair of the department of environmental science, policy, and management, has been selected to receive a 2010-2011 professorship by the Miller Institute for Basic Research in the Sciences. Faculty who receive this professorship are released from teaching and administrative duties during their Miller appointments, allowing them to pursue their research, full-time, following promising leads as they develop.

The Goldstein group research themes include atmospheric chemistry and biogeochemistry. They investigate anthropogenic and natural contributions to the chemical composition of the troposphere, interactions of air pollution with ecosystems, aerosol composition and chemistry, and the biogeochemistry of greenhouse gases and stratospheric ozone depleting gases.

For a glance at Professor Goldstein's work, please see Nose in the Air: Professor Allen Goldstein's mechanical nose analyzes compounds in the atmosphere's soup in Breakthroughs Magazine.