Green Lit at SF Green Film Festival

February 17, 2011
Greenlit movie poster shows frustrated woman in a dumpster

Lauren Selman ’07, Conservation Resources Studies with her Senior Project Advisor, Professor Emeritus John Hurst. 

One of the biggest challenges environmentalists face is effectively communicating and implementing change. CNR alumna Lauren Selman is tacking those challenges head on. Only three years out of college, Lauren is an entrepreneur extraordinaire — she founded ReelGreenMedia, an environmental consulting and media company dedicated to environmentally friendly production and messaging. Lauren’s business provides services and resources that ensure eco-friendly production practices for film, television, radio and theater around the world.

You can see Lauren at work in Miranda Bailey’s documentary film “Green Lit” at the San Francisco Green Film Festival (March 3-6, 2011). A wonderful documentary that acknowledges the creativity and perseverance needed to encourage each individual to do their part for the environment. It shows that convenience and daily habits are entrenched in even the most liberal-minded people–those left-leaning, California movie makers.

Green Lit
Green Lit at the SF Green Film Festival