Energy scholars release long-term vision for sustainability

October 23, 2012

Global energy sustainability will require systemwide transformation, according to long-term vision laid out in a new paper co-authored by energy scholars from five countries, including Dan Kammen, a professor in both the UC Berkeley Energy and Resources Group and the Goldman School of Public Policy.

The energy system is currently facing a number of challenges, most notably high consumption levels, lack of energy access, environmental concerns like climate change and air pollution, energy security concerns and the need for a long-term focus, the authors say. Addressing these critical issues simultaneously will require a fundamental transformation of the global energy system.

Recent assessments show that such transformation is achievable in technological and economic terms, but constitute formidable governance challenges. The key components of a successful transformation include taking an integrated approach as basis, the focus on high levels of energy efficiency and the scale up of investments, also in research, development, and demonstration.

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