Alumnus Dan Hammer wins Mark Bingham Award

March 01, 2019
Dan Hammer

Alumnus Dan Hammer has received the 2019 Mark Bingham Award for Excellence and Achievement, which recognizes recent graduates for their outstanding contribution to their community, country, or the world at large. The award honors Mark Bingham ’93, who died on September 11, 2001, defending the United States on United Airlines flight 93.

Hammer’s work has included serving as a Senior Policy Advisor at The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy under the Obama Administration as well as Chief Data Scientist at the World Resources Institute, where he worked to bridge data science and climate change. He is currently involved with Earthrise Media, a nonprofit he founded that uses satellite imagery to gather information about environmental and humanitarian events, as well as with National Geographic as a Senior Advisor.

Hammer and the other 2019 awardees will be honored at the Berkeley Charter Gala Dinner on Thursday, May 16.

Read more about the award here.