Assistant Professor Carl Boettiger named 2020 Ecological Society of America Fellow

April 09, 2020
Photo of Carl Boettiger.

Photo courtesy of Carl Boettiger.

Congratulations to environmental science, policy, and management assistant professor Carl Boettiger on being named one of the Ecological Society of America’s 2020 Early Career Fellows. The fellowship recognizes Boettiger for his contributions to the community at large through his research, teaching, and communication, as well as his leadership within stochastic dynamics in open science and population ecology.

As an Early Career Fellow, he is honored for substantially advancing ecological research within eight years of his doctoral studies, as well as for his promise in further advanced research. Boettiger will serve as a fellow for five years, during which time he will continue developing cutting-edge research at the forefront of ecological systems and processes.

Boettiger’s research focuses on ecological forecasting to support conservation and natural resource management amidst global change. His work combines ecological principles with mathematics, as well as the use of complex data to support these environmental systems. Several of his projects have used data science to rebuild global fisheries, to assess population dynamics, and to construct robust ecological models.

To learn more about the award and Boettiger’s research, visit the Ecological Society of America website