Unpacking plant diversity and climate change in California

February 06, 2024

The University and Jepson Herbaria has released recordings from a seven-part public workshop on plant diversity, climate change, and conservation in California.

Led by Rausser College of Natural Resources Dean David Ackerly, a professor of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management and Integrative Biology, the workshop breaks down how California’s native flora has responded to climate change through time. The workshop is hosted by the Herbaria as an educational opportunity for both amateur and professional botanists.

The workshop covers topics such as the emergence of the Mediterranean climate zone, changes in land use and stewardship, and how climate modeling is used to project the biodiversity impacts of climate change. Participants also discussed California’s commitment to conserve 30% of lands and waters by 2030, how conservation efforts are adapting to the effects of climate change, and how to promote equitable access to parks, housing, and transportation.

Additional mini-workshops on plant identification, fungi, ecology, and more topics are available on the Herbaria’s YouTube channel. Visit the Herbaria’s website for a full list of planned workshops.