Understanding the velocity of climate change

March 27, 2024

Rausser College of Natural Resources Dean David Ackerly recently spoke before the congregation of San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral about climate change and our changing world. Ackerly was joined by the Very Rev. Dr. Malcolm Clemens Young, moderator of the parish’s Forum conversation series.

Ackerly is a climate change biologist and professor in the Departments of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management and Integrative Biology. His research group studies the impacts of climate change and wildfire on biodiversity in California with a focus on drought tolerance of native tree species, potential impacts of climate change on plant communities, and post-fire forest dynamics at sites that burned in the 2017 northern California wildfires. His research is used to inform strategies for biodiversity conservation in the face of climate change, with a focus on California parks and open space.

Watch a full video of their conversation below. The conversation is also available as a podcast through Apple, Spotify, and other streaming services.