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Non-Rausser College students transferring into the College

Current UC Berkeley students interested in transferring to the Rausser College of Natural Resources from another college (Letters & Science, Engineering, Environmental Design, or Chemistry) may petition to do so if change of college requirements are met. Rausser does not permit students to transfer in undeclared. Students must be eligible to declare a Rausser major to change colleges.

In addition, students must:

  • Have a minimum 3.0 overall UC GPA.
  • Have completed at least one semester at UC Berkeley.
  • Have satisfied the Reading & Composition (R1A and R1B) requirement.
  • Be able to complete the major within the semester limit. Students who entered as freshmen are expected to graduate in a total of 8 semesters (summers excluded). Participation in the Fall Program for Freshmen (FPF) is considered a Berkeley semester under College policy. Transfer students are expected to graduate in a total of 4 semesters (summers excluded). Exceptions to this policy are rarely granted.

Students pursuing a change of college should:

  • Review the requirements for their intended major. Requirements needed to declare will vary by major.
  • Meet with the advisor for the major they wish to declare. Each advisor's drop-in advising (first-come, first-serve) hours can be found here. Please note that Rausser College advisors are primarily meeting with declared students for registration advising during the months of April and October, and are typically unavailable to meet with students seeking to declare during this time.
  • Consider meeting with a peer advisor for a student perspective on their intended major.

Once all requirements needed to declare have been satisfied, students must complete the Change of College, Major, or Curriculum petition and meet with their intended major advisor.  

Students may not submit a change of college petition during their last semester before graduation.  For example, a student graduating in Spring 2019 must submit their petition to change colleges no later than Fall 2018. Other declaration restrictions may apply by major.