Erica Bree Rosenblum featured in the BBC film “Endangered”

April 22, 2021

Environmental Science, Policy and Management associate professor Erica Bree Rosenblum has spent decades trying to understand the modern extinction crisis. From tropical forests and mountain peaks to high-tech labs, she has traveled the world studying amphibian biodiversity. Now Rosenblum has partnered with BBC to help bring on-the-ground conservation stories to life. Her work on amphibian conservation is one of the seven segments featured in the new BBC film “Endangered,” which began streaming today on Discovery+ and is narrated by Ellen DeGeneres.

"It was incredibly heartening to see the deep caring and commitment that went into making this film. Everyone—from film directors to the research staff to the the camera crew—are all ecologists and conservationists at heart," said Rosenblum. "So for me, this film is about more than a global network of scientists. It’s about the possibility of transformation in our collective relationship to planet Earth. The message of hope this film presents grows each day as more and more people understand the deep interdependence of life on our planet. What better way to celebrate Earth Day?”

Rosenblum is a respected researcher in the fields of evolutionary ecology, ecological genomics, and global change biology. In particular, her lab studies the processes that generate and impact biological diversity, as it relates to evolutionary speciation, extinction, and the rapid adaptation of animals to changing environments. In December 2020, Rosenblum published a new textbook titled Global Change Biology. It offers a comprehensive introduction to the field, as well as advanced teaching methodology and curriculum for instructors. 

Below is a trailer from the BBC film "Endangered":