Undeclared at Rausser College

Interested in biology, but uncertain of what field to focus on?  Interested in environmental justice and environmental economics, but unclear which pathway to pursue? Would you like to build an interdisciplinary major that focuses on global issues, but looks at local impacts? For students passionate about environmental issues but undecided on a major, the Rausser College of Natural Resources does allow incoming freshman to be admitted as undeclared and explore major options in their first year.  Your undeclared student advisor can help you explore and plan your courses until you are prepared to choose your area of study.

Explore our majors and minors to find out more about how you can be a part of our community. Wondering how your interests relate to the Rausser majors? Review our chart that maps interests to majors so you can find the best fit.

 If you're still trying to find your passion, UC Berkeley offers many services to help guide you, from career center advising and events to career counseling and assessment offered through our counseling services. Come to the Resource Center to learn more about all our majors and additional resources like "How to be a CNR Researcher." 

Students at Rausser are required to declare a major by the end of their fourth semester. Failure to declare a major by your fifth semester in the college will result in a hold being placed on your account that will block registration for the coming terms. Students must at this point either declare a major or obtain at least two signed program plans for two different potential majors that are feasible to finish by the semester limit. If any of these majors are in colleges outside of Rausser, an intent to change college form must also be attached. This will be required each semester thereafter until a major is declared. Extra semesters will not be granted on the basis of a student being unable to finish a major due to late declaration.


Undergraduate Advisor:
Meaghan DeRespini
260 Mulford Hall
University of California 
Berkeley, CA 94720-3100
View our advising hours schedule here


For more information on each major in the college, view the video from Cal Week 2021.