The tools offered here are meant to help Rausser College of Natural Resources present a clean, consistent face for our respective units or groups, based on our branding system. Our brand stems from the UC Berkeley Branding Initiative, which has a robust and growing set of resources available to everyone on campus. Check the campus branding site for tutorials, information on the Berkeley brand platform, typography, visual elements, websites and more.

As a supplement to the campus branding site, this website is meant to offer additional resources for the Rausser College community, with guidelines on College-specific branding and resources. If you don’t find the answer to your question, contact us with the info listed below.

With consistent branding and messaging coming from all our units and groups, we can amplify the message of the impacts that our research, teaching, and outreach make around the world.

About Our Name

The official name of the College is the Gordon Rausser College of Natural Resources: this name should be used in formal documents such as contracts, MOUS, and gift agreements. For most usages, such as marketing materials, websites, newsletters, etc., the name should be listed as Rausser College of Natural Resources.

After being used once in its entirety in either formal documents or other usages, subsequent mentions of the name can be shortened to Rausser College and in some cases, Rausser, as outlined in the examples below. Note: An acronym like RC or RCNR is not part of our branding guidelines.

Examples of shorthand versions:

  • Connect with Rausser College.
  • Rausser College researchers
  • Rausser College students or Rausser students
  • In some cases, simply using “the College” is also appropriate.

Contact Us

Need help figuring which version or file format of the logo to use? Find a broken link or a defective file? Let us know.