The DeCal Program at UC Berkeley allows students to create and facilitate their own classes on a variety of subjects.  Students who are interested in creating their own DeCal have the opportunity to do so while working with a sponsoring CNR faculty member.  

Interested in facilitating a Fall 2017 CNR DeCal? Please fill out this form to ensure that you are receiving up-to-date information regarding deadlines and requirements. 


New to DeCals?

Any student who has not facilitated a CNR DeCal in a previous semester or any student who will be involved in a CNR DeCal that has never been offered before will be required to attend a "StartUp Workshop" hosted by the Student Learning Center.  Students should contact if they cannot make it to any of the scheduled sessions.

5 Steps for Starting a DeCal

In order to start a DeCal, the student is responsible for completing all necessary paperwork, obtaining signatures, and submitting applications.  Click on the link for a detailed outline of the step-by-step process. 

Your Completed Packet Should Include:

  • Course Proposal Packet: Includes Course Proposal Form (CPF) and Student Checklist for 98 and 198 Courses.
  • Unit Value Worksheet: Used to calculate number of units that students can take your DeCal for. 
  • Syllabus with a weekly schedule that includes topics/assignments covered in each day of class.

Additional Tips & Helpful Information: 

  1. For more information about the Course Proposal Form, click here.  Please note that you will need to obtain signatures from the department chair and sponsoring faculty member. For Fall 2017 CNR DeCals, the "appropriate department staff person" (#7) will be Patricia Helyer.
  2. Review the Student Checklist for 98 and 198 Courses.  This will include instructions and guidelines for completing your syllabus, unit value worksheet, general processes, etc.
  3. Be sure to check that the weekly schedule outlined on your syllabus matches the Unit Value Worksheet.
  4. Planning in advance is strongly encouraged to give adequate time for obtaining all required signatures and to make any updates and revisions after receiving feedback about your application. For Fall DeCals, obtaining signatures before summer break is highly recommended. 
  5. Make sure that all the facilitators that will be involved in the DeCal are listed on the Course Proposal Form and the Syllabus. 
  6. DeCal Course Numbers (98 or 198) are based on course content, not student standing. Please consult with your faculty sponsor to determine the  appropriate class number based on your DeCal course material. You cannot offer it as both.

What to Expect After Turning in Your Completed Application

  1. When your DeCal is approved, you should fill out the DeCal Survey. Filling out this survey is the only way to notify schedulers to request a room for your DeCal.  Note: Please make sure to include all facilitators and requested information on this survey.
  2. In order to receive units for Facilitating a DeCal, facilitators are responsible for completing the Application for Independent Study & Research  and turning it in to 260 Mulford Hall during regular office hours.  Once the form is processed, you will receive an email with your Course Number to add the units.  Only facilitators listed on the DeCal Survey will be able to receive credit; if you are a facilitator that was not listed on the survey response and would like to receive credit, please have one of the primary facilitators contact  

The CNR deadline to turn in all required paperwork for Fall 2017 is Tuesday, June 27th. Please submit your packet to 260 Mulford or email


For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Patricia Helyer at