April 12th, 2017 Minutes

Forestry Club 4/12/17

Timber writing day is finally upon us but first a few announcements:

1)Senior BBQ will probably be at  on Sunday May 14th. We will need help organizing things and a sign-up sheet to help out with that will be sent out soon.

2)Cal day approaches. It is  which is in about a week and a half. We will be tabling and a sign-up sheet for that will be sent out very soon. We will hopefully be handing out seedlings and will be giving a tree tour if we have enough people. In the case that not enough foresters can be found, brochures will be given out and people can wander around campus aimlessly attempting to recognize trees.

3)Pay dues

4)Ben and Rodrigo went camping, sort of. They said that the forester’s ball was really cool. We should invite Humboldt to Yule ball next year so we get invited to their forester’s ball again. 

5)This was discussed last meeting but someone (Alegra) forgot to put it in the notes last time: the discussion panel we wanted to have with some other clubs has been postponed as we ran out of time. Alegra and Wes (it was his idea so I’m going to volunteer him) will try to coordinate something in the fall.

The announcements are over and we spent the rest of the hour working on articles for TIMBER. 

We do still need headshots so please send in a picture of you with your name, major, year, camp year/expected camp year, and any officer positions that you held this year. Also write some articles, write some poems, send in some pictures, submit whatever else you feel is worthy of being in our amazing yearbook and we will consider adding it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017