August 30th, 2017

Forestry Club 8/30/2017


  • Intro
  • Activities
  • Nominations
  • SAF
  • Logging Sports
  • Classes and Books
  • Other

Topic 1 Intro

  • We introduced ourselves
  • 43 people were at the meeting

Topic 2 Activities

  • Bean Feed – we cook chili and have chili, cornbread and brownies outside with professors
  • Yule ball – end of year celebration
  • Alumni dinner
  • SAF – forestry convention this year its in Albuquerque New Mexico
  • Adopt a high school – we teach high schoolers about forestry stuff and they compete

Topic 3 Nominations

            *drum roll as though you haven’t already seen Kevin’s email about the nominations*

  • President:
    • Lewis
    • Alegra
    • Kathie
  • Vice President
    • Spencer
    • Hannah Lopez
    • Maddie (ok fine I’ll do it)
  • Secretary
    • Amanda
    • Katie
    • Jabo!
  • Treasurer
    • Many were nominated many declined the nomination and then finally…
    • Jack

*so these nominees have changed and Kevin will send out an email with final nominations*


We talked about the non-elected positions:

  • Publicity – advertising for the club, Christmas tree cut and updating board outside 260 Mulford
  • Merch – dealing with our merchandise, getting new things to sell, and shipping orders.
  • Bean Feed – in charge of feeding people and getting alcohol permit for police
  • Timber – putting together the annual yearbook, bothering people until they write articles
  • Website – in charge of the website that is currently down
  • Yule Ball – planning the end of year celebration
  • SAF – plans the trip *Ben Ross is currently doing this*

We will be getting officers for these positions next week

Topic 4 SAF

  • We will be prioritizing officers and seniors
  • Nov 15-19 and we need to register by September 27
  • Need to be an SAF member to go $40 to register/re-register  

Topic 5 Logging Sports

            *to get our emails contact to be added to the list*

What is logging sports?

            A sport that has many events like standing on a block and chopping it in half, sawing events and Axe throwing (Alegra is an axe throwing champion).

  • BEARCLAVE October 7th!!! Going to be a lot of fun but we will need the clubs help!
  • Practices usually Sunday 10-2 at Russel
  • practice this week will be Monday because of the long weekend
  • A reporter wants to interview some of the women on the team for an article about women in logging sports. Email us if you are interested in sharing what being on the team has meant to you and your experience
  • Ladies only logging sports practice on a Saturday  looking at the dates October 14th or the 21st so check calendar and see which date works best

Topic 6 Classes and Books

  • Talked about GIS minor
  • People have 102b books

Topic 7 Extra

  • Website is down so Lewis will try to fix it
  • Do we want to do a discussion panel with other environmental groups? Yes. Alegra will start working on it
  • Do we want to do a camping trip? Also yes
  • Should we do a FC 16 FC 17 tug of war? Yet again yes we should
  • Dodgeball?
Wednesday, August 30, 2017