February 15th, 2017 Minutes

Forestry Club 2/15/17


1) Announcements

2) Tales of Logging Sports

3) Memorabilia

4) Game

Topic 1 Announcements

  • Julia reminds us to keep thinking about tightwad hill and she will send out a form where we can sign up and if you sign up but don’t go you will bring shame upon yourself and your household.
  • If you went to SAF then you can write up a sentence about what the experience meant for you so that Julia can include it in a thank you card.
  • Ben says pay dues. Its $5
  • Camping trip with Humboldt is a go if we can choose a date that works for everyone. Our top choice is April 29-30 with April 1-2 as a backup date
  • Alegra apologizes for the notes being sent out late last week. No one cares.
  • Bean feed next week Thursday the 23rd it will be in 103 Mulford. Right now it is starting at like 6 but we are trying to get a later start time so people in late Thursday classes can still attend. There will be a cooking party at Thorsen house on Wednesday.
  • We need to get rid of the centennial gear (now only $5) and we have a lot of like XXL shirts and no small or medium shirts.
  • Amanda announces that April 22nd is Cal day and they want to have a Forestry Camp table so if you went to Forestry Camp and you want to help table then talk to Amanda. Amanda is giving a tree tour at Cal day. Forestry Major also has a table. More details will be given later on.
  • Amanda and Kathie brought chocolate and distribute it to the club. Club is very excited.
  • Hike this weekend? Julia will let us know.

Topic 2 Logging Sports

  • Congrats to Axe-legra (thanks Jacob) for winning Axe throw and Speed axe at Sierra Cascades.
  • We got a lot of money donated to us from the alumni more than the other schools so Thank you Alumni!
  • BEARCLAVE Right now the only date that seems to be working is April 8th as that is the only weekend that the other schools can do it. But there was another conflict so Jacob will get back to us about the final date soon. We will need help from Club to pull everything together but it will be really fun.
  • There is practice today (yesterday) we're leaving at around 2 because it will be raining this weekend. 


  • Kevin asks if Alegra will do a demonstration on proper axe throwing form. She says she will teach people how to throw axes if they come to logging sports practice. Practices are usually on Sunday at 10 at Russel.

Topic 3 Memorabilia

  • Where do we get art?
  • We should order hats. There was a debate as to whether we should get baseball hats or Trucker hats. Wes really wants trucker hats and some members of club agree while others prefer baseball and after a lengthy discussion lasting nearly a minute we decide to get both.
  • Designs for the hats? The C on the front and something embroidered on the back?
  • T-Shirts? We should get more to sell. If you have ideas for a t-shirt design let Monze or Lewis know.
  • There is some talk about FC16 shirts and now Kathie and Amanda are taking over the production of those shirts once they get the design.

Topic 4 Game

  • We play a forestry trivia game which Monze and Alan win.
Wednesday, February 15, 2017