March 22nd, 2017 Minutes

Forestry Club 3/22/17


  1. Announcements
  2. Camping April 1st
  3. Giants game
  4. Diversity discussion

Topic 1 Announcements

  • Pay dues
    • Julia wants you to know that she actually does care about paying dues
  • Alegra asks about discussion panel
    • Should we provide all the food and sort of ask for donations from the other clubs?
    • Should we try to make it a potluck thing?
    • We can’t charge money because we serve alcohol
  • Stump the forester will probably be happening after the next club meeting!
    • Dress in flannel
    • Bring your stumps
    • It will be fun
  • Redwood Regional was super fun!
    • It wasn’t really a competition it was a series of shows but everyone on the team did really well and everyone should go to it next year.
  • Oz asks if the ladies in the club would be interested in having a women only logging sports practice. There is general interest.
    • Traditionally the Cal logging sports team has more females than males but this year Oz and Alegra have been the only two girls going to practices and competitions so it would be nice to have more women be a part of it.
    • It would be on a Saturday.

Topic 2 Camping trip

  • There were not a lot of campsites and it will be rainy so we will no longer be camping on April 1st.
  • We may have it on April 8th which was originally Bearclave but that is now next semester.
  • Humboldt will be having their foresters’ ball on that weekend and invited us so we would be going to that and camping around there.

Topic 3 Giants game

  • There is a Giants game on Tuesday April 11th at 7pm and we are looking at buying tickets probably around $10.
  • In club there were about 10 people that said they would go
  •  Let us know if you want to go so we know how many tickets to get.

Topic 1 (continued) more announcements

  • Oz is going to AWFC which is a week-long logging sports competition. A lot of teams go.
    • April 18th -24th if you want to join Oz
  • Oz and Noam think poems about trees are great so we should have a sort of open mic night, possibly at the mill house, devoted to poems, songs and dances about trees and forests written/performed by club members.
    • Probably on a Thursday at 8pm when we come back from break
  • Oz and Noam have been talking a lot about the future of forestry and we all should talk about it sometime as well.
  • Noam likes the way Alan looks and wants everybody to know that.
  • Alan needs to do headshots for timber and he needs name, major, camp year and more articles in general
    • We need someone to take said headshots, but who?
    • Don’t we have a club photographer?
  • Jacob suggests a timber writing workshop on a Wednesday at around 5 since that is a time that seems to work for people.
  • Julia asks if Wes has anything to add. Wes says hey. Trucker hats.
    • Wes doesn’t read the forestry club notes that I send out. Rude.

Topic 4 Diversity in forestry

  • We discuss diversity in forestry and the environmental field in general.
  • We should have more than just Noam and Jacob at stump the forester because diversity.
  • We think about going and giving presentations to local junior colleges and possibly high schools to let them know about forestry and inform people that it is a major.


  • The deadline to get your Xi Sigma Pi axes signed has been extended to April 3rd!
Wednesday, March 22, 2017