November 30th, 2016 Minutes


Yule Ball

Zoe and Mary


Tightwad Hill Reforestation

Christmas Tree Cut


Yule Ball

It's December 9th!

You can help set up at 5:30.

In the senior house

After party at Mill House! Thanks Mill House!


Welcome back Zoe and Mary! 

We missed you. Can’t wait to hear tales of Mo’orea! Seriously ask Zoe about epiphytes and whales! She’s got some excellent tales, and I’m sure Mary does too.


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!


Kevin has put together an excellent, very informative, presentation on the job situation for a young forester (document attached)


The deadline to apply to CalFrie is Decemeber 31, yerp, it’s a crazy time but that’s what we gots to do. Private industry follows CalFire so most everything is due at the end of the year. Kevin has a list of a bunch of people hiring-- not really ranked, but the more urgent ones do happen to be at the top of Kevin’s list. Get your government jobs while America’s government still exists!


CalFire applicants have to be citizens (seems to be the consensus of the people at club meeting, but you should double check if this concerns you), federal job applications ask you about citizenship but it is not clear whether or not it is required.


“Pathways” is another federal program that takes students on as interns, putting you on what you could think of as a pathway to a permanent position.


While on the hunt for employment, you might consider taking the personal approach. Yes, this is a bureaucratic system, but make it personal. Remind employers of your humanity by making a phone call, paying them a visit in person, volunteer. Your enthusiasm and charm could make an employer’s decision much easier!


Proposal to Help Reforest Tightwad Hill


We are graced with the presence of Devin Woolridge this meeting who asks for our help in the reforestation of Tightwad hill. Devin’s been working with landscape architects on campus and Scott Stevens to create a planting plan as pines are dying and the hill needs work. Why are pines dying you ask? Well, someone decided to plant Bishop pines on a south facing slope out of their range and the pines aren’t happy about it. Going to get lots of oaks, buckeyes, and low shrubs (prunus salicifolia, toyon). They are not removing the Eucalyptus but we would be planting in the area that do not have Eucalyptus.



Forestry club members would help plant about 200 tree and shrub seedlings on the hill-- with the expectation that ⅓ of what is planted will not survive.

In exchange for our labor we would be allowed to reap the profits of a go fund me page.

Would be good for publicity.

We could probably plant all the seedlings in 2 weekday afternoons.

Email Devin with any suggestions.

He will be back in January and giving exact dates and is super stoked that we are willing to help.

Christmas Tree Cut

Time to get Rough and Ready in Rough and Ready California! Christmas tree cut 2K16! This Friday &Saturday. Hunter has it all down. Look at his emails!

It will be cold! Sunny, but high of 31 degrees! It will be cold!

Staying in a air b and b that sleeps 16! And people get married there… so, I think we all know what that means.

Stay toasty, it’s been chilly out there!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016