September 7th, 2016 Minutes

snazzy seconds are my style. minutes 9.7.16 



  • Officers
  • SAF
  • Dues
  • Bean Feed 
  • Member Announcements 




As the second official forestry club meeting of fall semester 2016 is called to order, President Noam demands a crown. Kevin is sorry to report that there is no crown for our president. Noam graciously agrees to serve the students of the prestigious UC Berkeley forestry program anyways, to the best of his abilities. 


Your officers for this semester are (cue trumpets):


Sophia Weltman — secretary 

Jacob Levine — tea$urer

Weston Slaughter — V.P.


Weston has an announcement! 

He must respectfully decline filling the role of vice president, due to poor timing. He offers to abdicate his power. 


Hunter the Noblest volunteers to serve as Vice President! Hoorah!! The crowd goes wild.


We need people to do these things:

(At first people are hesitant to volunteer, but then Noam reminds us that this is a community and no one will ever be out there by themselves. What an inspirational and supportive president!)

Bean feeders— Wes, Jacob, and Rodrigo agree to gather people and feed them beans, get the permits required to feed people beans on campus, set up beans and clean up beans.

Yule Ballers— Kathie and Allegra will plan the best party ever while wearing all of their flannel. 

Memorabilia— Julia and Katania will keep track of memorabilia (both online and in closet), sell people memorabilia, make sure there are a variety of sizes for the variety of sized people, possibly design a new shirt. They are the masters of ALL THE STUFF.

note: Noam volunteered for this role and then abdicates after Julia and Katania decided they can be the merch ladies 

Publicity — Amber

Timber — Alan

Webmaster— Jay the Seventh. HTML knowledge required. Update things. beep boop the beep bop. Can look at pictures of trees, real trees not really involved.


15-20 people will probably get to go. 

We will probably have to prioritize who gets to go, most likely based on toenail cleanliness and backwards alphabet recitation speed. 

Ben will send out more info to the list-serve. Look for that email.

Noam asks a question about Alan’s question

Ben says we probably won’t end up in New Orleans. This definitely affects Alan’s interest in SAF. I think he will still go, but he is definitely bummed about the unlikeliness of a New Orleans layover.

Ben hopes to have a finalized list of people to go in two weeks. 

Start talking to your professors now if you’re interested.

There is a Sunday field trip that involves visiting Aldo Leopold’s cottage that you will miss if you commit to the flights Ben has found. Here is a picture of Aldo’s cottage so we can all say we saw it:  

Image result for aldo leopold's cottage

How pleasant.

DUES: Are $5.

Give Jacob your monies. 

No venmo. Jacob says it’s messy.

President Noam suggests starting a forestry camp venmo.

Jacob agrees. He will get to work on it tomorrow.

Julia: do we have a square?

Everyone: No.

Alan: We do!

Woohoo!! Squares. Jacob will try to find it in a closet. 

Jacob would prefer if purchases were run through club first. No throwing money please.

Alan thinks about dodgeball. 

Fill out the google doc if you think about dodgeball too.

Right now, only four people are signed up. That’s not enough people. 

Need ladies and all people to sign up.


Jacob will send out a doodle pole to find out the best date for a bean feed this month.

It’s bean too long.

OOOOH game change! Noam decides to set a date now!

…and the date is Wednesday (still unsure if we’re talking the 21st or 28th of sept.) at 5 p.m.!!

more people turn up at five, especially super snazzy professors 

Possible locations for cooking party were discussed: Wes’ house? Jacob’s house? Kingman?

Wes assures us that cooking will take place at a friendly house. Do not fear.


Alan asks why no one in the room was at Funk Night on Thursday.

Someone asks, “what is funk night?”

Alan: only the best event in Berkeley

you do have to be 21

if underaged you can get in at 9 and try to stay but in my experience they find you

Kevin: Are you all ready for Forestry Challenge!!
High schools challenge each other in a forestry fashion.

Cal students adopt 2 high school students (not permanently), and prepare them for the forestry challenge

sounds like hunger games + klinometers

more details to come 

Historical Fun Fact from Kevin (club advisor since ’99): 

It’s been 10 years since we’ve had a male president!

Go Noam for reestablishing the patriarchy!! — it’s about time!

Jacob: logging event, Cal Conclave, is taking place on oct. 22 in Santa Cruz. Slo, Humboldt will be there. sounds like a heck of a good time.

Rachelle, because she’s a goddess, gifted a box of things foolish forestry students left behind.

Ben lost his compass.

Connor lost his something.

Mary lost a macbook Charger

Noam kicks Hunter off dodgeball team for failing to throw a headlamp. 

Noam says he is just kidding. This may be a serious disadvantage to the team though. Just kidding.

Wes lost his day of the week panties. Thursday’s the day. What is a day of the week panty set worth without Thursday?!

Hunter: If you like fire, bonfire is coming back this year. If you want to see the largest legal bonfire west of the Mississippi come to the greek theater. Look up the date. It is free. It is huge. Burning Man is illegal. Burn wood, not men. 

Roo’s out.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016