Tree Planting

The Forestry Club has actively participated with various community level tree restoration efforts in past years.

This spring, the club is working once again with staff from the University's grounds department and the campus landscape architect to reforest Tightwad Hill by planting more new trees and maintaining trees that were planted last year. 

Last year, Forestry Club helped the staff with initial reforestation efforts of the hill and was featured in an Berkeley News article.


Past efforts include assisting with the group reforestation efforts at the University of California's Blodgett Forest Research Station and volunteering with native species restoration efforts of redwood in the Claremont Canyon. The redwood seedling’s greatest challenge is surviving the hot Mediterranean arid summers. To increase the probability of survival, volunteers identify specific planting locations with enhanced microsite qualities that help protect the seedlings from predation and the elements. For more information, please contact the club at The cumulative effort of the past 5 years has already had an appreciable effect on shifting the local ecosystem away from invasive eucalyptus stands and into native redwoods.


The annual tree planting effort allows students to put their classroom knowledge of site preparation and tree regeneration in action while giving back to the local community. Future projects include post-harvest tree planting for hands=on experience with the application of forestry in a real world setting.

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