January 18th, 2017 Minutes

Topic 1 – Officer Nominations

  • President
    • Noam is nominated for another term but plot twist he has a lecture every Wednesday 12-1 which he is currently skipping because he loves Forestry Club so much
    • Julia is also nominated because shes great
    • Alan
  • Vice President
    • Hunter
    • Katanja
    • Ben Ross
    • Alan
      • All of them are awesome and would make great VPs
  • Treasurer –Jacob says he is so over this so someone has to step up
    • Ben Ross says he will step up
    • Alan
      • Jacob says new bank has opened so it will be better
  • Secretary
    • Alegra
    • Hannah
    • Grace
    • Alan

Noam is surprised Alan isn’t nominated (originally) so he nominates him for everything

Kevin will send out an email for people to nominate more people and then vote so go do that


Topic 2 – Russel Planting

               So basically it was going to be Saturday but then people wanted to go to certain events occurring on Saturday so it was going be Sunday but then the rain was like “what’s up?” So its moved to next Sunday (possibly the 29th) when it won’t be raining hopefully. Also logging sports after that.


Topic 3 – Tightwad Hill

               So the guy that came and talked to us last semester about planting on tightwad hill wants to come back and talk to us again about more details for that. Next week.


Topic 4 – Nics pics

               So Nic went to Christmas tree cut and has some really cool pictures and he brought them in. They look great and there is a picture of the dogs that were there and it’s so cute.

               We decided to make Nic club photographer because he takes good pictures and Noam just really likes saying nic pic


Topic 4 – introductions

Noam sees new people so he forces them to introduce themselves

  • Jennifer I’m sorry I don’t remember year and major but she said she’s from Quincey and everyone was really excited.
    • Alan asked her where so she told him what street and sort of looked at him like it was a strange question but then he explained he is also from Quincey.
    • He then said that the Plumas are/is on the rise
  • Ben Ross 3rd year Forestry and Environmental Econ
    • Says he know s it can be intimidating coming to a club where everyone seems to be good friends but just jumpin and ask questions and basically were not that scary  or something along those lines
  • Spencer 1st year forestry
  • Sam who was also new and I forgot year and major
  • Hannah 1st year forestry I think
  • Grace  sorry grace I forgot year and major
  • Amanda, Monze, Kathie, Me and Julia all 3rd year forestry
  • Jacob 3rd year Forestry and Environmental Econ
  • Rodrigo 4th year IB?
  • Alan 4th year Forestry

So I’m doing these notes from memory the day after the meeting so I’m really sorry if I forgot you


Topic 5 – Fun Events

  • Might try to go camping with Humboldt but last year they bailed on us like more than once so who knows
  • Russel camping trip maybe just us would be cool
  • Logging sports is doing a lot of cool stuff this semester and Jacob will send out an email when he knows when and where but logging sports is super amazing so you should all go because it’s really fun Practice hopefully next Sunday (29th maybe) I think and this semester practice will start at 10 instead of 2 so it will be better
  • Bean feed
    • We have one scheduled for I think February 22nd or 23rd maybe I think it is with SAF
    • We think we should have 1 sooner so we are thinking in 2 weeks? So like Wednesday after next.
      • Also been feed coordinators will be done next week
  • Funk night – if you are over 21 you can go to funk night with forestry people I think Jacob said his band is playing there sometime so if you can get in you should try to because they are awesome.

That’s it. I’m sorry if I forgot anything hope to see you all next week!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017