October 12th, 2016 Minutes


Reflecting upon the joint bean feed and CRS potluck, Noam says he very much likes the idea of building a community of sustainibility minded students. 

Foresters + CRS = <3

Let's combine the feeds every other month.


I paid my dues!


Jacob was working on shirts and then… midterms.

Will keep you updated. 



If one of your professors has an issue with you leaving put them in contact with Kevin. Kevin has the will and power to proctor exams from Wisconsin!



Everything conflicts!

A long and jumbled conversation then takes place about class recommendations and general thoughts. I follow some of it.


183 is better senior year

ESPM 174

Primer for R in D lab offers free 1 one 1 consultatiosn 

too many classes not enough time


Really cool class recommendations:


PACS ??? Seminar on Public Health

ESPM 163 AC no one has taken it. we hear good things though

ESPM 160 - read cool books

Engineering 157 AC 


Ask Kevin about Sustainable christmas trees. He talked about them on the radio once. 


Eucalyptus regen project

Help cut trees down and plant trees up.

Historically the club has been involved in this and planted redwoods.

woohoo most people think this is a great idea. Kevin probably likes this. Kevin like most things redwood. 


Camping at Russel


This Saturday? Probably not… but sometime soon probably yes. 


Viewing party of professional logging sports 

Professional logging sports start this weekend.

Jacob says he will 100% be having a viewing party in his room. He is cool with other people joining him if they so choose. 


The Stickers are coming!!!

They will be clear. Thank the sticker goddesses. 


Alegra- Yule Ball

Allegra says that is all she ever talks about, but that is her position so go Alegra! Thank you for doing your job so well! 

Thinking December 9

This is an age old forestry club tradition.

Kevin says that the Yule Ball hasn’t actually been happening for that long.

Well it has to be younger than Harry someone says.

Actually, that's probably not true. Yule is a really old Christmas thing. Was not invented by harry Potter. 


Peace out tree scout. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016