October 19th, 2016 Minutes

PSA: Hunter still uses myspace


Ben wants a quiz bowl team on 4 of our sharpest students. One of them may be a graduate student.

Noam asks if Danny wants to be the grad student? Danny says he is not going.

Noam realizes that's okay because Rachelle's going and she has Emily on her side. 

Anyone who is in 185 right now would be good because you are learning about silviculture and quizbowl material is silviculture heavy. 

Decided power team: Noam, Oz, Cous, Rachelle.

We've made it to the final four the last four years. No pressure. We will love our team members no matter how they do.

There are teams who have been training for months and have matching polo shirts. We have full hearts and smiling eyes.

The limit does not exist.

Wes has been unable to check out books from the library because of a Timber mixup his freshman year.  

Bean Feed

next Wednesday at 5


Someone says it's all online now. Someone else says "that's what she said." Everyone laughs, but I don’t understand why. 



Cutting firs at Tahoe in december

Other people will maybe join us. People seem concerned that this could cause shenanigans. 

Kevin says its best to keep it simple and clean which sounds like a sound life motto. 

Kevin says SPI will ask us to sign waivers and provide proof of insurance. 

Member announcements:

Jacob has had more monkey heads with Clay than any of us. He has had one monkey head with Clay, so this number is not hard to surpass. 

Let’s do more social things!

Noam invites us all to an intimate karaoke party at the mille house. 

In two weeks?

Butter up your vocal chords.

Julia remarks that dairy is bad for your vocal chords. She recommends coconut oil.

Nick came back! 

Spencer and Hannah are doing a journal about thoughts on Eucalyptus.

Katania is working with Students with Standing Rock at Berkeley. People who just got back from North Dakota are having a meeting tonight at La Pena at 6:30. 

Sticker Dilema and Merch Updates:

The part that says Cal Foresters is Dark Blue, which means that if we have a clear background you can’t put it on a dark thing it disappears. 

Jacob says there is no establishment.

Noam says Julia is the establishment. 


Jacob remarks that Noam is being quite disagreeable today. 

Noam says he is just trying to express his opinions. 

Wes asks if he can move to a new topic.


Wes moves to the topic of trucker hats. Let’s throw our positive energy towards the hat. 


Kevin says that they’ve done trucker hats in the past and they lasted forever (or for near ever because i think they are now gone). 



Kevin says there will be 150 permanent jobs hired at SAF

Seasonal jobs will hit us hard in January.

How do we find out about these jobs?

Kevin says he will give a presentation on jobs before the semester ends. 


What does working for CalFire entail?

They have 10 research forests.

Jobs involve basic forestry work range from forestry to recreation.


CalFire deadline is on December 31.

"No one’s even ever done the interview here?" Kevin asks with disappointment

What do you put in a chainsaw besides gasoline? answer: bar oil

Danny says this will be the most fun job hunt he’s ever had. This is not how things usually work he says.

Kevin is happy to look over resume’s before SAF. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016