February 22nd, 2017 Minutes

Forestry Club 2/22/17


0)      Birthdays

1)      Announcements

2)      Beans

3)      Tightwad

4)      Timber

Topic 0 Birthdays

·        Katanja birthday was this weekend

·        Amanda birthday yesterday

·        We sing happy birthday to them

Topic 1 Announcements

·        Ben says pay dues its $5

·        Humboldt said that camping on April 1st will work best.

o   We don’t know where they suggested cabins. Jacob says that is not camping.

o   Ben says that we should have a prank war

o   If we drive further north then we will get into better redwoods

·        Logging sports

o   BEARCLAVE will be April 8th we will start preparing after the next logging sports competition but maybe sooner

·        Centennial Gear is $5

Topic 2 Bean feed

·       Tomorrow (23rd) we will be serving beans starting at 6 in 103 Mulford

·        The SAF meeting will start at 6:30

·        Rob York will be speaking at 7

·        Set up starting at 5:30

·        Cooking party tonight at 6 at Thorsen house

Topic 3 Tightwad Planting

·        Monday 12-3   Tues 1-3   Wed 12-3

·        The planting will be near memorial stadium by the canon

·        Next Wednesday the Forestry Club meeting will be up on the hill

·        Julia will go out and figure out how exactly to get to the spot and give directions later

·        It might be raining on Monday so if it is we will be moving the Monday planting to the following week

·        Our publicity officer ( Alegra) needs to inform Daily Cal about the planting

·        Kevin gives a demonstration on how to properly plant

Topic 4 Timber

·        This is the forestry club yearbook and we need people to write for it

·        Write about events like SAF, Christmas tree cut, Yule Ball, Cal day, Bean Feed, Logging sports, Forestry Camp

·        We also have awards that we will vote on at a later time

·        60th anniversary so we want it to be good

·        If you want to be in the Timber submit a headshot, a correct spelling of your name, year, major, camp year, and officer positions you have held in the past year.

Topic 5 Extra announcements

·        Xi Sigma Pi blanks are not quite ready but they will be made from the trees that 182 cut down.

·        Hiking this weekend? Julia will give us more information. Julia believes that there are ugly digs and she does not like them.

·        Rodrigo is the Senior BBQ coordinator but his commencement is on the same day as the CNR commencement so he won’t be able to set up and will need help

·        Updating the bulletin board

Wednesday, February 22, 2017