Yule Ball

The date for this year's Yule Ball is December 8th, 2017 from 4-6pm in Morgan Hall (next to Mulford Hall)!!

For the Cal forestry community, the winter holidays hold many opportunities to enjoy the merry spirit with one's fellow foresters. After a long week of crafting wreaths and selling the Christmas trees that we cut and transport to Berkeley, it is time for one thing only: Yule Ball. Yule Ball is an annual event held at the end of RRR week every December. Live music, beverages, and homemade food all under the roof of one of the oldest buildings (and only log cabin) on campus. Dressed in their forestry finest, club members and friends all come out to relieve dead week stress and rejoice in the holiday cheer.  Unfortunately, this year's Yule Ball will not be taking place in Senior Hall, as it is being repaired due to safety hazards.  It will be in Morgan Hall instead, which will be just as fun if not more!  Last year we were lucky enough to have our own FC16'er band, Wes and Jacob, perform at the ball, and hopefully we will yet again be blessed by their presence.  The night always ends with a raffle and recognition of all the officers who make forestry club possible. Overall, it is a night of bonding, and celebration among the foresters and friends. A final shout out to all the lovely Alumni who came last year! It was great to have them back and catch up.