October 26th, 2016 Minutes

Meeting commences. Logging sports went great!


No bean feed today because CRSSO is having a pot luck. Sad face. Coordinate better with CRSSO?


Next forestry bean feed November 9th Wednesday 5pm Outside of Mulford 


Rachel says SAF wants to do a bean feed with us in February (on a Thursday)?


SAF next week!!! Woot woot! Dress well. Ask Ben if you need help. Look at the slides from Kevin. Look presentable. No shirt no shoes no service. Pearls are optional. 


Ben: Will send itinerary. Everyone gets limited amount of bus passes. You might have to use your own money for extra bus rides. Checked baggage is 25 bucks. Try to have carry-on luggage.


Kevin: Cal Foresters Alumni Association Convention will be cool. Quizbowl on Wednesday. 

Meet employers on Thursday! (I’m sorry I was getting a little confused during all of the SAF talk).


Hunter: Xmas tree cut December 3rd. Airbnb in Truckee $375 per night. Tahoe national forest.


Xmas tree order form is on website. Xmas tree sale is December 4th – 10thWe need to tell SAF. Do the Frats order trees? Yes! How do we reach out? Flyers? Brittany asks can we email Greek system (?) but is shot down.

SAF people MUST go to X-MAS tree cut on December 3rd OR ELSE. Well, if they can’t go, then they have to work 6 hours at the tree sale. You can do your homework there, it’s not so bad. Sunday Morning will be heaviest day (I think? Shoot, I might have missed this). 

Alan: Timber coordinator. Waiting to hear from club for contributions! Atalie has pics!!! Jacob has a song!!! Send all of your memories to Alan. This is the 60th anniversary. We need to do better than last year. It would be cool to get old stories and historical stuff. Let's talk to Al Steinenberg, Walter Mulford. 

Jacob, Brittany would really love to hear your Roads song again…

Club members all went around and introduce themselves. Sorry I didn’t get everyone… 

2 new freshmen at the meeting! Yay. One Society and Environment major (I didn’t get her name!) and one forestry major (also didn’t get her name. v. sorry). Also a 4th year IB Major named Rodrigo!

Jacob: 3rd year forestry & environmental econ; been feed coordinator

Jay: 4th year CRS major, GIS minor and forestry minor. CRSSO co-president. 

Grace: 3rd year forestry major

Wes 3rd year MEB major and forestry minor. Wes has dung from Russel? He is culturing fungus in GPB. Are you interested in seeing samples of fungus????? WOAH. ITS SO COOL. Post to FB Wes!!!!!

Alegra: 3rd year forestry major; yule ball coordinator. Says its coming along. 

Lewis: 3rd year environmental science major, forestry minor

Tiffany: environmental science and forestry (double major).

Spencer 1st year forestry major (Welcome spencer!) 

Katanja: 3rd year forestry major, merchandise coordinator; Says stickers, shirts in process.

Rachel is a master’s student in Forestry, in Kevin’s lab. Rachel is THE BEST. (Kevin is cool too).

Andrew is 3rd year environmental science major. 

Atalie is trying to steal my computer from me.

Hunter is forestry major and Vice President!!! 

President Noam is not here and we all feel his absence greatly, but Hunter has done a very good job.

Brittany is CRS major, Spanish minor and not so great at taking minutes.

That’s all folks!!!! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016