Christmas Tree Sale


This year's Christmas Tree sale was a big success!  Thank you all for coming out and supporting the forestry club!  We're very sorry if you missed it or were disappointed with the tree selection.  We recieved more preorders than usual, and we did not have as much uhaul space as last year so we were unable to fit in many more large trees.  We will make sure to get a better selection next year, and hope to see you there!


The Forestry Club's annual Christmas Tree sale is the main fundraiser for the club. Every year, students travel to the Sierra Nevada to harvest trees donated by Sierra Pacific Industries that would not normally survive to adulthood. Students select from these young trees to be felled by hand to become holiday trees for you! Tree species harvested are mainly White Fir and Incense Cedar.  Other species can be requested, but may not be available depending on how the harvest goes.  The 2018 sale will be next to Mulford Hall on campus again (Click here for map.), and the dates will be announced once we know the date of our cut.  It is usually the first full week of December.  

Tree sizes range from 3 feet to 10 feet, with larger trees available upon request.  If you are interested in ordering a specific size/species, please fill out the form below and put the tree type in the additional information box. You are also welcome to come by Mulford Hall on the 3rd-8th to buy a tree in person but we can't guarantee we'll have the size or type you're looking to buy. To learn more about this program, please contact us at: The annual Christmas Tree Sale is a big fundraiser for the club, but so are professional development expenses!

Please click here to fill out the 2018 Pre-Order request form.