September 14th, 2016 Minutes






CAF Banquet in 2 weeks from this Friday . Homecoming Friday 4PM lecture, 5:30

Kevin says we can dress up! Alumni come. It costs them $50 but us $10. They call

roll. I’m not sure why that is a selling point. Bt you will get to raise your hand in

response to your name. Woohooo!! Meet alumni. You should decide if you want to

go by the club meeting on the 28 th .

There will be dranks!!

Maybe Bridgette and John will be there. Unsure if baby will attend the banquette

Danny: How dressed up is dressed up?

Kevin: Danny, you look super snazzy just the way you are. But you may want to up it

a level.

Sing Happy Birthday to Rachel (and Emily).


Deadline to sign up is next meeting. Look at the email Ben sent.

Ben is looking for places to stay.

Must be a amember of SAF to sign up. It is $40 a year. This memebership will allow

you to get discounted student price.

Student’s get a discount rate up until Sept. 16 th . Which means you have to register in

two days!! Or else it’s an extra $40 a body!!

Kevin threatens to charm SAF until they give us what we deserve!!

Bean Eating

Co-ordinate with CSSO? Jay’s club

Wednesday, Sept. 28 th at 5 pm.

Cooking party Tuesday, Sept. 27 th TBD

Beer and Kereoke will be provided

With four microphones we sing the temptations


Uhm that’s me. I totally do not feel pressure to maintain the quality of notes that

were produced in the first meeting…


Zoe asks if Forestry Club could front monies for 50 T-shirts for FC 16

Jacob says that people who want T-shirts should give the money.

Zoe likes this idea but she is leaving on Friday (:’( ) <- that’s weird, its supposed to

be a crying face—anyways Jacob says he will take care of it. Don’t worry about it.

I hope you all treasure Jacob as much as he treasurers us.

Ricky Satomi

Noam: He’s about this tall *indicates with cowboy boots

Julia: This weekend 17-18 sept is the coastal cleanup weekend- Shorebird park

research center. SNACKKKKSSSSS

Would like a number of people!

High school forestry challenge volunteer- Friday most likely.

Jacobs announcement:


Logging sports on Sunday!!!!

Ride sign up for logging

Weekend of oct 21 st 22 nd oct

What to do after SAF:

James from Louisiana to come and speak to us

Alan: New designs-Sophia maybe?

Julia:  Closet cleaning this Friday

Brittany:  Looking for a place to liveee

Thursday, September 15, 2016