September 6th, 2017



New Officers:

  • President - Allegra

  • Vice President - Kathie

  • Secretary - Jabo

  • Treasurer - Andrew

    • Pay your dues!!

      • $5 - due to Andrew.  Pays for the Bean Feeds and other fun things.

Appointed Positions:

  • Webmaster - Lewis (against his will)

  • Merchandise - Jack

  • Publicity - Katie

  • SAF - Ben Ross; Apprentice - Taylor

  • Timber - Julia; Apprentice - Dillon (Dylan?  Idk how to spell)

  • Yule Ball (the resume booster) - Amanda & Elizabeth

  • Bean Feed - Spencer & Camila

    • We should schedule one!  - Allegra agrees (I think?)



  • Coming up soon! (Nov 14-19th)

  • Sign up on the google sheets file that ben sent out

  • Its a great opportunity to learn about forestry and interact with other students and professionals in the field


Logging Sports:

  • Practice this Sunday

  • Bearclave is coming up (October 7th)!

    • Volunteer sheet will be sent out soon, please volunteer.  We will need a lot of help.

  • Ladies only practice on October 14th or 21st.


Bean Feed:

  • Wednesday September 20th outside of Mulford!

  • Cooking party will be tuesday night (location TBA


Forestry Challenge:

  • Competition between high schools (our high school is Acalanes HS)

  • We will need volunteers (more details later) so that our high school can win!!!


Forestry Club Camping Trip!!

  • October 21st to Humboldt County


Wednesday, September 6, 2017