February 1st, 2017 Minutes

Forestry Club   2/1/17






5)Bean Feed


7)Club events


Topic 1 Dues

  • So every semester we pay dues of 5 dollars to club and that covers the cost of bean feeds and lets you be an official member of the Club so give Ben 5 dollars and he’ll write down that you paid dues.


Topic 2 Intro

               Julia: President                                 Ben Ross: Treasurer                        Spencer

               Sam                                                    Jennifer                                              Katie

               Anthony                                             Brittany                                              Giselle

               Zoe                                                     Hannah                                              Alegra: secretary

               Wes                                                    Jacob                                                  Alan

               Elizabeth                                            Rodrigo                                              Monze

               Kathie                                                 Grace                                                 Katanja


Topic 3 Tightwad Hill Planting

               So some people signed up (not everyone) and right now the best days look like Tuesday 1-3 and Wednesday 1-3

Rodrigo asks about getting other people involved outside of forestry and Julia agrees and says that people that live in co-ops or frats should see if people want to come help and that we should have forestry club interact with other people.  Certain members disagree. Once we have set dates we will send out a sign-up sheet to sign up for the times you will be going.

Here is a link to the doodle poll to fill out times you are available:



Topic 4 Officers

So these positions are volunteer

Merchandise deals with what we have and sending out orders. We are running low so they will be in charge of ordering new stuff and will be looking for designs for stuff. They are also entrusted with the closet key

Web deals with maintaining and updating the website

Bean feed make chili and organize the bean feeds

Senior BBQ we have a BBQ sort of at the end of the year after commencement to honour our seniors. The person doing this will have to set up food for people who have gone to commencement. Ask Ben Ross for more details he knows what’s going on.

Publicity advertise bean feeds and publicize the club, update bulletin board in 260, Cal day

Merch: Lewis and Monze

Web: Jay

Publicity: Alegra

Bean Feed: Alegra, Noam, Camila

Senior BBQ coordinator: Rodrigo

Thank you to everyone who volunteered!


Topic 5 Bean Feed

  • It was going to be today but it has been moved to next Wednesday 2/08/17
  • Alegra felt bad about having to cancel so she brought cookies


Topic 6 Announcements

  • Cal veterans are going to be planting trees in the spring possibly camping somewhere the night before we will get more details on that later

Topic 7 Club Events

  • Scott Stephens will be coming in to talk to us
  • Forestry seminar Mondays at 12 starting February 23rd
  • Ben wants to go camping with Humboldt so we should try to coordinate that
  • Sierra cascades is coming up for those on the logging sports team
  • Logging sports has practice Sundays from 10-2 at Russel. Its fun and you get to throw axes and chop wood and saw logs. You don’t need to have any experience we will teach you everything.
    • We have 4 competitions this semester so it should be cool including one that we are hosting
    • There is a logging sports email list serve so talk to Oz or Jacob to be added
    • There is a doc for carpool up to the practice area
  • Julia proposes having hikes on the weekend. Late Saturday mornings just meeting up and going hiking. The club likes this idea.
  • Julia asks about speakers for club meetings. Alegra says we need more urban foresters to come and talk to us. Ben says if we are going to have people talk about jobs then it should be at the beginning of the semester because by the end most people will have already accepted summer jobs.
  • Spencer really liked when Jacob sent out that article and we read it and discussed it and thinks doing something like that again would be fun
  • The club has a Facebook group so find Julia (or another club member) on Facebook and she will add you to the group. The group is Cal Forestry Club ’16-’17 join us.
Wednesday, February 1, 2017