January 25th, 2017 Minutes



Julia president

Devin with planting

Urban Forestry

Russel planting




  • Lex was at the meeting
    • She recently graduated and knows a lot about forestry


Topic 2 New President

  • Julia has been elected our new president
  • Noam hands over the gavel making it official and the matriarchy begins again

Topic 3 Devin planting on tightwad hill

  • They tested 8 species and the deer ate none of them
  • Planning on getting 160-200 plants
  • The planting will be spread out among 3 weekdays so there will be a doodle poll about which days and times will work best for people and then you go out and there is a truck and you grab a shovel and some trees and just start planting. There will be flags indicating where to plant.
  • So they wanted to do a GoFundMe page but they don’t know how to do that so if someone from club can make the page they will promote the page and that would be good

Topic 4 Urban Forestry

  • Jeremy and Sarah come in and give a presentation on their work in urban forestry
  • We learn about their company which does tech, furniture and urban forestry
  • Talk about:
    • Soil
    • Pruning
    • TGR ( tree growth regulator)
    • Fertilizer
    • Biocarbon
  • They have an app for iphone called arborplus
  • They have internships if you want to look into that
  • Ben Ross then asks some questions and Jeremy declares Ben the best student
  • Kevin reminds us to take what we heard about their technology with a grain of salt

Topic 5 Russel planting

  • This Sunday 1/29 Noam will send out email with more details that would be useful like what time it’s at

Topic 6 Announcements

  • There is a career fair tomorrow (Thursday Jan 26th ) from 11-4
  • Kevin knows people are starting to get job offers and they want you to accept within like a day but he advises us to try to delay that because people will get a lot of job offers and we haven’t even had CalFire interviews.
  • Also there are still branches from the Christmas tree cut left in front of Mulford so we need to clean that up
  • Bean feed next Wednesday February 8 We need faculty so ask
    • Noam and Alegra are your new Bean Feed coordinators
  • Logging Sports is on Sunday after the Russel planting so come on out its super fun and everyone on the team is really cool
    • Also reminder that the Sierra Cascades sign up is due Friday
  • We will have to decide on officers next meeting so show up if you want to be a part of that

Topic 7 New Officers

  • Julia is our new President!
  • Hunter has retained the title of Vice President!
  • Ben Ross will be our new Treasurer!
  • Alegra will be our new secretary
Wednesday, January 25, 2017