April 19th, 2017 Minutes

Senior BBQ

  • Please sign up to attend and/or help so we know how much food to make. Add 5 to that because FC 15 doesn’t reply to anything but will probably come.

Hunter had a lot of salami in a bag. Much sodium


  • GPB lawn 11-1
  • Tree tour 1-2 will have signs to guide people
  • We need to make copies of the brochure
  • Help table and tell people about club and forestry
  • We may or may not have trees and may or may not need a key to the 3rd floor of Mulford



  • We discussed hats and how much it will cost vs how much we will sell them for

Next week will be the last meeting so pizza party?


  • Thank you for turning in articles
  • Still need a few more things
  • How many should we make?
  • We should Photoshop a mustache onto the picture of Rob that is in the entryway of Mulford




  • We need someone selling merch at camp. Might be Julia
  • We need someone who is going to be around Berkeley this summer to be the summer caretaker
  • We should choose our SAF coordinator soon so they can work on that over summer

There was a STeam energy talk on Wednesday.

Next semester

  • Spencer said he likes the idea of a discussion panel. That’s it just that he thought it was a good idea. It will be something that happens next semester the idea just came just a little too late this semester to really make it happen. But it will happen.
  • We should start coordinating camping with Humboldt next semester really early

Next Friday there is a CNR lunch on the lawn. Note that lunch is not provided

Kathie wants people to answer question for an interview for timber. Ask her about it

Saturday, April 22, 2017
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