Minutes October 5th, 2016

Noam starts the meeting with a scratchy throat but does not accept water offers.


T-Shirt Stuff

SAF (not in Wisconsin)


Logging Sports


Kevin- back in the day “Graphic Traffic” did everything for us. They never gave us back our designs. We have since moved our business elsewhere but Graphic Traffic still has our designs.

Anyone want to intimidate them for us?

Andrew volunteers.

Noam asks if Alan is also interested in intimidating Graphic Traffic. 

Jacob will work on “not all trees deserve hugs” T-shirt. People feel as if the pun has not been justly T-shirtified.


Society of American Forester’s Professional Chapter

Free Events

Saturday, Oct 15- Field-trip meeting to Boggs mountain

valley fire happened there last year

look at the post fire restoration

Rachel is going and will be driving. Waiting on exact times but it will be most of the day. There will be folks from the Redwood and Tahoe chapter in attendance. 


Thursday, November 17- Officer’s club at the Presidio 

focus on urban forestry

Peter Erlich (Cal Grad) will be talking about urban forestry 

Rachel will be coordinating carpooling because Presidio is hard to reach by bart.

This will be an evening meeting.


To Alan’s disappointment there will be no free food or drink, only free knowledge. 


Brittany we love you! 

Logging Sports

Morning logging practice on Sunday this week. (10am)

Sat, Oct 22 = first logging sports competition at Swanton Ranch in Santa Cruz

competition during day, banquet at night, camping at night night

Look for Jacob’s email today if you want to register. 

this is not free. It is $40. But its a whole weekend of funs. 


Ideas, Announcements, Shenanigans 

Camping at Russel.

Let’s do it.


Kereoke night!

Save Noam from singing at a bar by himself. 


People who have payed their dues:


Ben R





















Shoutout to everyone who cooked for and attended Bean feed. 

It was chill way chilly

Lets invite more professors next time.


Officer Announcements

Ben- we are sending check to SAF today, tickets have been purchased, air b and b is booked

Jay- was accidentally kicked off the website but is working on getting back on. will be adding a list of current members

Alan- Sent out a google doc at the beginning of the semester you should add your contributions to Tiber to. 


Noam’s 4 pages of poetry were not included in last year’s timber. A true shame, but means that they will likely be included in this year’s timber. 


Jacob jokes that he spent all our money in Vegas. He did not. Phew!


Clap for Julia! Killing the merchandise nonsense that last year plagued us with. 


Can we order stickers?, Noam asks, 


No one likes the white background, except maybe Jacob.

Noam convinces Jacob he is wrong. 


Jacob needs hats.


Jacob want to throw away closet things. Alan wants to burn closet things. Sophia wants to keep them, upon further consideration and the news that the things being given away are logging sports trophies Sophia reconsiders. 


Noam cannot properly say Campanille, he may be from Stanford says Alan. Sophia cannot spell Campanille, following this logic she may be from Stanford too.


Hunter says if you apply to be the mascot tree at Stanford and are at first rejected but then get the coveted tree position the next year you have to be a palm tree. 


Cool Tree Beezness:


NY Times article about wood as a renewable resource. There seems to be some contriversy about this 



Lets talk about trees. 


Wes suggests discussing anthropomorphizing trees. Ents. 


Game Day shirts are coming. Probably in two weeks


Noam wants ideas.


Alan- Taco Tuesday, matching tattoos

Ben-Suspenders, Muggs, Earbuds

Wes- chaps and chapstick

Danny-hard hats 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016