September 28th, 2016 Minutes

Are we foresters or plastic miners?

Noam is tired of looking at plasticware.

Do not buy new plasticware. 

Noam declares plasticware to be seriously ungodly.


Wes is insulted because his father was a proud plastic miner. 


CAF Banquet

If you haven’t signed up, you probably can’t go.

Meet up before hand with Alan. He wants to play games. 

There will likeley be cheese at the event, says Noam.



The final list 

What is the theme?

Noam guesses, trees.

Ben says the theme is probably not trees. He doesn’t know the theme but guesses that “it’s probably something current.”

Ben asks all people who think they are smart to sign up for quizbowl. 

Noam says you don’t have to be smart.

All the chill people are going to SAF, like Sean from CalPoly. Alan knows at least one cool person from CalPoly who is for sure going.

Talks on subjects like containing wild hogs on your timer land will be happening. 

Rob is getting an award! Woohoo!

There is a National Student Conference on Thursday that Jacob is helping to organize and facilitate. Go and support Jacob. 


Noam wants to know about all the people in the room. What do you do? Who are you? What’s your life story?

Welcome to find your forestry pal:

Spencer: first year, forestry major

from Bethesda Maryland, went to high school with Wes! 

the summer after junior year Spencer did student conservation work. He enjoys working outside. Fun fact from Jacob: working with the SCA while he was in high school was also the reason he decided to study forestry at Cal. 

Any recommendations for things to do in Maryland, Noam asks? He will be there in October. Spencer recommends the Billy Goat Trail. 

Spencer likes being outside and doing “hands on work”


Hannah: first year, forestry major. From arcata in Humboldt country. Those beautiful redwoods instilled Hannah with a love of all things forest. Hannah is particularly interested in forest management. 


Giselle: first year, foresrty major, wants to double major in economic policy 

Fun fact: Jacob has the same majors. 

From Fresno. 

Giselle loves forests. 

Calc 1 or 16, she asks? If you don’t love math, take the 16 series. If youre majoring in econ or want to create really cool modeleing equasions than take 1. 

Wes says math matters, unfortunately. 

Noam says we can all rub our bellies at the beanfeed later today, we should move on.


Katie: has dreams of one day creating environmental policy. She also likes forests and being outside.

Noam says this is awesome because no one ever wants to write policy.

From Sacramento. 

What is the difference between the professional and human focus Katies wonders?

The professtional prepares you to get your RPF, which is what you need to be a forester in the woods. 

If you think you will go into ecology or research you could probs human focus. 

There is less flexibility on the professional track but Ben and Jacob say all the classes are pretty cool, well most of them are. 


Noam dreams of having his own forest one day. Is he Ron Swanson?


Jacob suggests starting a google doc with study guides. I think this is a swell idea. 


Grace- junior transfer, forestry major.

From Santa rosa. 

She randomly, almost accidentally she says, chose to major in forestry. Luckily it is going well. Grace seems very happy. 


Julia- Junion transfer from Santa Rosa but actually from Connecticut. 

East coast cheers. But we all know West coast = best coast.

Julia is on the professional track. 

When Julia was 21 she did the CCC backcountry trails program for 6 months. she lived outside of civilization eating food from mules, chasing bears with her bare hands. She slept on the floor and lived with the same 16 people for 6 months. Hard work, low pay, miserable conditions, and more! Way to sell it! Alan wants to know if she was working while she was in the backcountry. Yes, she says. She was working on trail construction. Alan wants to know if Julia pushed big rocks down steep hills? Yes, Julia says. How big was the biggest rock you pushed down a hill? Julia tells a story of rolling a big rock into a dead tree which fell over. Alan asks if the tree fell over or exploded. Julia says it did not explode. 


Alan says he’s really into rolling big rocks down hills. 


Bean Feed:


Meat chilly is really good. Vegan chilly is… vegan chilly. 

Noam says he messes with vegan chilly. That sounds messy.


Noam is getting a haircut today! 


There will be lots of tables at the bean feed.


Dates for christmas tree cut:


Cutt the weekend before deadweek

or the week before that.

the week before that is Thanksgiving weekend. everyone agrees fairly quickly that this would not be a good weekend. 

Dec 3-4 is the cut

Slit. - This week I learned that this word is a new, hip word for cool. It is a combination of the words it's and lit. Lit also means cool.


This is a very important operation. Noam says that if we do not sell enough trees we will all have to eat dry beans next year. Dry beans are not good for eating.

Depending on snow conditions Alan may be leaving much earlier than Friday. Watch out Blodgett. 


Considerate President Noam asks all members in the room what they want from Forestry club this semester. Here are your answers: 

Alan: socail interactions not in this room with all of these people

Julian: wants to work

Rodrigo: get togethers with food

Lewis: social

Andrew: yeah

Ben: funky times

Hunter: community service-- what a gem

Julia: wants beans

Jacob: jobs

Katania: merryment

Jay: taco tuesday, he’s busy thursday

Wes: dungeons and dragons, game cube

Allegra: social events are good

Brittany: outdoor excursions, camping maybe? Russell 

Spencer: likes to joke

Grace: learn about trees


Noam: wants to do everything with all of us


V cool radiolab:


It’s Jay’s birthday. 

Also NASA changed zodiac signs. Cue identity crisis. Who are we?!?!?


So when I did some research on that last statement I came across conflicting information. NBC Chicago says that the signs and dates will remain the same, butt Hollywood life declares that the dates have been changed, a new sign added and that "our whole has been a lie." Obviously, I think we can all agree that these sources are equally reliable. I will let you decide who to believe. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016