February 8th, 2017 Minutes


1) Xi Sigma Pi

2) Tightwad

3) Space beans

4) Hiking

5) Announcements

Topic 0 Dues

               Ben asks for dues its $5 so if you haven’t paid you should

Topic 1 Xi Sigma Pi

               Scott Stephens comes in to talk to us about Xi Sigma Pi which is the forestry honour society which recognizes outstanding forestry people. Eligible if you are a forestry major and have a 3.0 GPA. There is a certificate and you need to carve an axe and then get it signed by 10 members.

Topic 2 Tightwad

               So the finalized dates are Feb 27, 28 and Mar 1 from 12-3. Next meeting there will be forms to sign up and everyone should come and help. There may be a food reward.

Topic 3 Space Beans

               There was a bean feed on Wednesday but I'm sending out the notes on Friday so if you didn’t go you missed out on some great chili. Big thanks to our bean feed coordinators and the people that came out to help cook the beans. Also thank you to Wes and Thorsen house for letting us use the kitchen to prepare said beans.

Topic 4 Hiking 

               So next weekend the 18th there will be a hike. After discussion as to where we should hike we decide not to go on Jacobs Spanish Peak like hike up to the 80 ft. secret part time waterfall and instead are planning on heading up to the botanical gardens to hike, then walk through the botanical gardens. There was discussion of picnic. It starts at 11.

Topic 5 Announcements

               Jacob stands up then sits down then decides yes he is indeed going to not only stand, but also walk to the front of the room to announce that logging sports is this weekend. He said to check which cars you are in if you are going but that is no longer relevant as everyone who is competing is here now. 

               Bearclave. So, we want to host a logging spots competition which we did last year but it is a lot of work and we would need a lot of help. We would need to:


  • Plan food and budget
  • Fell, buck and size logs
  • Organize camping and parking
  • Deal with insurance
  • Get alcohol permit
  • Coordinate with teams and work on transportation
  • Get judges and have people keeping track so we know who is winning

There will be about 3 days that we will be working all day but Jacob promises that it will be fun. He asks if club will help us and club says yes. He will send an email with more details later.

Ben says pay dues and 13 people have already paid. 

Ben says he tried to get in touch with Humboldt for camping and got no response so he wants email of people in charge of their forestry club

Kevin asks for an estimate of the budget which Ben gives and Jacob says that we made a lot of money on the Christmas tree cut. Thanks Hunter.

Kevin reminds people about the forestry seminar on Mondays and says to bring the axes you carve because there will be a lot of people there who can sign your axe.

Topic 6 

Julia does a get to know you exercise where you can answer 1 of 3 questions: I’m a forestry major because…, my best hike was…, 3 items on my bucket list are…

Most people chose to describe their best hike and we get to know a little more about:

Katanja                                              Elizabeth                                            Rodrigo

Alexander                                          Monze                                                Kathie

Amanda (who originally refuses to give a name but I know who she is)

Alan who is forestry because he couldn’t get into Haas                     Anthony

Ben                                                     Hannah                                              Sam

Spencer                               Kevin (Forestry because he likes to grow things)

Lauren                                                Ross                                                    Julia

Hunter                                                Jacob                                                  Wes

Alegra                                                Jennifer                                              Giselle


Julia talks about the bean feed which is over but there is going to be another bean feed which is coordinated with SAF on Thursday the 23rd.Time and location as well as more details will be announced next week.

We have a Forestry Club Facebook where sometimes members will post things like “hey does anyone want to go on a hike this weekend” or other stuff that doesn’t get sent to the list serve so if you want to know every single thing that’s happening then find Julia on Facebook and ask to be added to the group. It’s pretty cool.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017