March 15th, 2017 Minutes

Forestry Club 3/15/17


1)Fossil Free Cal


3)Merch and Timbers

4)Noam is lonely plz talk to him

Topic 1 Fossil Free Cal

  • This is a club that wants UC to divest the money they are spending on fossil fuel companies.
  • They are organizing an event and want to spell Divest with their bodies
  • the event is on Tuesday and will also have food Frisbee and volley ball
  • Jacob brings up biomass as an alternative

Topic 2 Announcements

  • Devin put together a press release for the tightwad hill planting
  • Julia made vegan cookies   Thank you Julia
  • Bean feed next week on Wednesday 22nd
    • In addition to the beans there will be trivia
    • Cooking party Tuesday 21st at Thorsen house
  • Ben says pay dues
  • Camping trip with Humboldt they still haven’t gotten back to us
  • Bulletin boards (apparently there is another one in addition to the bulletin board in 260)
    • They are being updated because its time
  • Xi sigma pi has to be done by next week
  • Logging sports
    • Bear clave is now next semester and the date is October 6
  • Kevin reminds graduating seniors in the Professional Forestry major to give their ring size because SAF gives rings to graduating seniors
  • Ben says that on Friday, Lettuce is playing at the Fox theatre at 7:30.

Topic 6 Merch and Timber

  • Hats
    • But what design?
    • Monze says poll Jacob says no
    • We decide a baseball cap in dark blue with the C on the front and words on the back
    • Then the trucker hat strikes again some people love it some people hate it
    • Wes then walks in just in time to discuss the trucker hat (he really wants a trucker hat)
    • We are getting both
  • Someone asks about camp shirts, Alex is now in charge of those
  • We look at old timber issues to get an idea of what we want to do.
    • Noam wants to recreate old photos. Alegra likes the idea

Topic 4

  • The meeting sort of ends but we still chill because it’s only been like ½ an hour
  • We start discussing trying to reach out to other groups in CNR and trying to educate about why we need to harvest timber
  • Jacob and Noam want to start tabling on Sproul
  • Wes thinks we should have like a bean feed and a discussion panel with CRSSO, STEAM and other clubs to discuss issues like this.
  • Also reminder that the applications for forestry camp 2017 close next week so apply!
Wednesday, March 15, 2017