March 8th, 2017 Minutes

Forestry Club 3/8/17




3)Tightwad was tight



Topic 1 Divest

  • There is a group that was going to come and talk to us about fossil fuel.

Topic 2 Announcements

  • Ben isn’t here so Kathie says pay dues for him Julia doesn’t seem to care then Ben walks in and says pay dues.
  • Ben also says that Humboldt hasn’t really responded so we will plan and then they can meet us there. There was a choice of two different campsites. The trip is on April 1st.
  • Alegra asks if we want to have a bean feed this month. The answer is yes so there will be a bean feed on Wednesday March 22nd. There will be a cooking party on the 21st at Thorsen house.
  • Kevin reminds us that traditionally there is a bean feed after the Forestry Camp orientation.
  • Apply for camp if you want to go this year
  • Logging sports competition Redwood regional this week will be Thursday – Saturday the 16th -18th.
  • Kevin got an award and he is very excited about it. It is a silviculture prize for the UK equivalent of SAF.
  • Forestry seminars on Mondays. Great place to get axes signed. Monday was about Sudden Oak Death.
  • You might still be able to get an axe for Xi Sigma Pi if you are eligible

Topic 3 Tightwad was Tight

  • We planted.
  • We thank Julia and Noam for all the hard work they put into coordinating the planting

Topic 4 Mentorship

  • Julia asked about club interest in trying to start a mentorship program with SAF to match with someone in the field you are interested in.
  • She asks what it would take to start
  • Connect through Alumni
  • Maybe have people be open to having us email them to ask questions about what they do

Topic 5 Planz

  • Do we have a study guide archive on the google drive? If not we should start one. Jacob sends out a study guide to 134 people. Thank you Jacob.
  • Textbook exchange also through google drive? Should we do it? We should.
  • Someone decides that the Settlers of Catan should not be made into a movie


  • Meeting ends
Wednesday, March 8, 2017