Past Meeting Notes

Spring 2016

Last Bean Feed of the Semester:

  • Possibly Thursday or Friday at the end of the Christmas Tree Sale

 Logging Sports:  

  • Sproul Demonstration


  • New Big Game Shirts.

 Christmas Tree Harvest:

  • Please bring sleeping bags
  • Pizza will be provided Friday Night
  • Had request for trees heights ranging from 3-10 ft
  • Drivers
    • Hold onto you receipts for fuel so the forestry club can make reimbursements
  • Organize rides
    • Drivers decide what time to leave Friday.

Map to Blodgett (click here)

Christmas Tree Harvest List


Car (number of people)

John Dingman

Y (4)

Alex Lundquist

Y (3)

Danielle Fuchs

M (4)

Erica Smith


Craig Dupree

M (?)

Sophak Peou


Zack Friend

Y (4)

Sam Grello

Y (4)

Zack Hanna


Lana Schide


Angie Lee


Gina Lopez


Zak Thomas


Katie McGownk


Joel Kim


Becky Wilcox


Patrick Rizzo


Steve Keller


Patty Peraino


Daylin Wade


Shee Zhi Qiang


Lauren Grand


Geoffrey Mitchell


Jennie Wheeler


People who need a ride

Total Rides



Christmas Tree Sale:



  • Cost for the rest of the semester
    • Overhead Christmas Trees Harvest
    • Big Game Shirts

Last Bean Feed of the Semester:

      • I would like to have another bean feed before the end of the semester. May be Thursday or Friday at the end of the Christmas Tree Sale?

 Logging Sports:  

  • Logging conference


  • Share flyers designs
  • Craig’s List?
  • Karin from Bay Area Chapter of Nor-cal SAF will be sending out e-mails to Bay Area SAF members regarding our Christmas Tree Sale.
  • Thanks to Nia and Becky we now have information regarding the cost to advertise in the Daily Californian.

“Essentially, we charge student groups $17/column inch per day. However, if your club wants to run an ad more than 6 times then you receive 15% discount off of the open rate. The rates are listed in our media kit. The smallest ad size is 1x4 or 2x2 which comes out to be $68/day without contract. If you run a 1x4 or 2x2 6 or more times the ad costs $64.94/day.”

“Classified Display ad prices are structured differently. For 1-4 insertions it costs $25/column inch, 5-10 insertions costs $23.25/column inch, 11-20 insertions costs $21.50/column inch, 21-30 insertions cost $20.20/column inch, and 30+ insertions costs $17.75/column inch. However, if you would like to do a liner ad, Classifieds charges $9.75 for the first 2 lines and $2.35 for every additional line.”


  • The votes are in and “not all trees deserve a hug” has won.
  • We will be ordering 36 T-shirts (S-XL) for $283.62
  • Determine number of each size

 Christmas Tree Harvest:

  • Zak and I have contacted Rob and Sheryl from Blodgett. We are still waiting for a response.
  • As soon as we get word from Blodgett we can rent the Truck and move ahead on advertising.
  • Thanks to all who signed up to help!



  • Status of current funds
  • Draft a budget for month of November (until Christmas tree harvest)

 Logging Sports Update  

  • Update of events /news
  • Activate Logging Sports Account (~$ 1650)
  • Draft a Logging Sports Budget
    • Equipment
    • Travel Expenses

Forestry Club

  • Verification that the club is recognized by the university  


  • Order/shipping online (request to buy online)
  • Take care of recent orders
  • When and what kind of merchandise to order
    • Draft up new designs

Christmas tree Harvest:

  • Possible weekends to harvest
    • November 25 & 26
    • December 1 & 2
    • December 2 & 3

Please Help, Please VOTE!

Finals start the week of December 12.

  • Signup sheet to help with harvest
  • Advertising ideas?
    • Daily Cal
    • Website
    • Fliers around campus, Berkeley.
    • Others?


  • Design and post fliers for Christmas tree harvest.  

Thank you Cards

  • To organizations who sponsored us to go to the SAF National Convention.



  • Status of current funds
  • Will we be able to cover our cost for the Harvest (see below)?  

Logging Sports:  

  • Usability of practice site
    • What worked?
    • What the club can do to improve it?


    • Need help from both the publicity officer and club members.
    • Look into cost of advertising.
    • Design fliers for Mulford and the website.
    • Also we need to know which buildings would like a Christmas Tree (In the past we have had a special request for large trees).


  • Since the Big Game is later this year it conflicts with our Christmas Tree Harvest. We may not be able to sell T-shirts during or around this time. Also ordering new shirts for the game may prove to be difficult since the Club’s funds are currently being stretched for the Christmas Tree Harvest.


  • The Club and Tim will have to decide if we want to borrow money from the logging sports account to buy T-shirts and then we can repay logging sports account after the harvest.


Christmas Tree Harvest:

  • Need to find a driver for the truck
  • Rich Wade from SPI will be working with us again this year.
  • Discuss how to sell the trees (time, location etc.)
  • Report on costs: Basically there are two major truck rental companies in Auburn, CA

Truck Company





24' Moving Truck (1380 ft 3), 140 Miles, 2 Days,

$0.56 / mile beyond the 140 miles



26' Moving Truck (1592 ft 3), 153 Miles, 2 Days,

$0.40 / mile beyond the 153 miles


So looks like U-Haul is the better deal.

≈ 180 miles from Auburn to Blodgett to Mulford

Rental cost ≈ $118.00 + (180miles – 153 miles)* $0.40 ≈ $128.80

Rental Cost with Sales Tax 8.25% * $128.80 ≈ $139.43

For those of you who volunteered to drive up to Blodgett, the Forestry Club will reimburse you for fuel.

Round trip ≈ 300 miles

3 vehicles * 300 Miles / 14 MPG * $ 2.35 ≈ $151.07

1 Rental Truck * 180 Miles / 7 MPG * $2.35 ≈ $60.43

Approximate Total Cost $139.43 +$151.07+ $60.43 ≈ $350.93

 Note: Need to factor in the cost of advertising.


Logging Sports Update

  • Logging Sports Account
  • Howard Peterson - Sierra Cascade Logging Conference
    • Event in Feb.  


  • Worth of current inventory, update.
  • Status on Laura Oftedahl - CNR  

Christmas tree Harvest:

  • Report on costs (truck rental, etc.)
  • Possible weekends to cut (November 25 & 26 or December 2&3) Finals start the week of December 12.
  • Advertising ideas?


  • Status of current funds
  • Covering cost for SAF Convention

Bean Feed Organizers (Chile-dogs):

  • Thank you for doing an excellent job last week for the Nor-cal SAF Presentation!


  • Please send any photos you have of the semester from the forestry club or forestry classes (field trips) to I would like to update some of the photo on the website.   

SAF Convention: October 24 – 29, 2006

  • Distribute packet information (If you can’t make it to the meeting please contact me so I can give you the necessary information.)
  • Questions & comments?


Save the Redwoods League / Bean feed:

  • October 11th, 6:00 - 8:00 pm.
  • Room 132 Mulford
  • Work out logistics


Logging Sports Update

  • Howard Peterson - Sierra Cascade Logging Conference
    • Event in Feb.



  • Use new current inventory to determine how much $ we have invested.
  • Coordinate merchandise to the CAF Banquet at the I-House
  • Laura Oftedahl []- CNR



  • Update bulletin information


Christmas tree Harvest:

  • Look into cost (truck rental, etc.)
  • Find a time that works best with people schedules (usually done during Thanksgiving weekend)



  • Status of current funds


CAF Banquet:

  • Will be held on Friday, Oct. 6 starts at 6pm
  • Location: International House


SAF Convention: October 24 – 29, 2006

  • The 12 students that applied will be going on the SAF Convention. J
  • Quiz Bowl: Scott, Alex, Gina, and John will be competing in the Quiz Bowl this year.
    • Watch Greatest Good Film before we leave, may learn a few things?
  • Any questions pertaining to the convention?



  • Thanks to Steve, our Forestry Gear model and Sam the photographer, we now have merchandise pictures updated on the website.


Bean Feed Rescheduling:

  • There has been an overwhelming demand for a bean feed ASAP, an attempt will be made to reschedule for sometime next week, other than Wednesday.

Schwabackers thank you card:  

  • I will bring the card to the meeting so people who went to camp will have an opportunity to sign it.
  • If you can’t make it to the meeting, please go to room 163 Mulford to sign the card.
  • Also Greg would like digital photos from the forestry camp. So if you have some good ones, please bring them to room 163.  

More possible future guest speaker(s) for the Fall Semester:

  • Nadia Hamey - California Licensed Foresters Association (CLFA)

CLFA Newsletter

  • Share and Discuss  


  • Current inventory  


  • Reimbursements
  • Current Funds  

CAF Banquet:

  • Will be held on Friday, Oct. 6
  • Signup list  

SAF Convention: October 24 – 29, 2006

  • SAF Membership (Even if you don’t plan to go to the SAF convention you should register to become a member.)
  • Convention information:
  • If you plan to go to the convention, please fill out the registration form. I (John) will be collecting the forms this week.

Important information from Bay Area SAF Chapter:

Event Updates

September 27th, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. General meeting and dinner. Katie

Palmieri, from the California Oak Mortality Task Force, will be the guest speaker. The California Oak Mortality Task was featured in the February 2006 issue of The Forestry Source. Ms. Palmieri will give a presentation on the third strain of Sudden Oak Death (SOD), SOD/fire management, and more! The meeting will be held at Beckett's Irish Pub in Berkeley, 2271 Shattuck Ave. We will meet on the 2nd floor in the Cal Room. For more information on the Pub, check out. For more information on the California Oak Mortality Task force, please visit for more information.

October 11th, 6:00 - 8:00 pm. General meeting and dinner. Presentation

by local Chapter member, Dan Porter, from the Save the Redwoods League. Dan will give a presentation on the Save the Redwood League’s forest

restoration practices along the northern California coast. The meeting

will take place in Mulford Hall at UC Berkeley. For map of campus, check out For more information on Save the Redwoods League, visit

October 25th – 29th, 2006 Mark your calendars for the 86th Annual Society of American Foresters National Convention – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Guest speaker will be Wangari Maathai, born in 1940 in Kenya, was the first woman in East and Central Africa to earn a doctorate degree. Professor Maathai pioneered the concept of mobilizing communities to protect their environment through tree planting in 1976, while serving as an active member of the National Council of Women of Kenya. A year later she developed this idea into a grassroots organization, The Green Belt Movement. In 2004 Dr. Maathai was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her "contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace," stemming from her work on community empowerment and environmental conservation. For more information, visit



  • Introduce new officers
  • New members who did make it to the first meeting
  • Lists serve update, problems?

Possible future Guest Speaker(s) for Fall Semester:

  • “Save the Sierra Campaign” - Heather Hendrie
  • “Careers in Forestry” – Steve Beck, ‘63


  • Inventory
  • Take pictures of new merchandise for website
  • Report of Money from last sales (BBQ & Alumni weekend)


  • Reimbursements
  • Current Funds

 CAF Banquet:

  • Will be held on Friday, Oct. 6
  • Signup list

 SAF Convention: October 25 – 29, 2006

Student Outreach:

  • Working with k-12 students in the field of forestry.
  • Teach basic forestry science / techniques (can use examples from camp).

Logging Sports:

  • Signup sheet for list logging list serve.
  • Russell Practice site
    • Approval to use Russell
  • Money/ Equipment
  • Upcoming events
  • Wood Availability
    • Tom Klat?


  • If you have pictures from BBQ or past events that you think would be good to post on the forestry club website, send to (Please keep e-mail attachments no more than 10 pictures).
  • Updated new membership list and office positions.


Introduction (What the Forestry Club is about)

What the Forestry Club did last year

Events for this semester:

  • Alumni dinner typically early October
  • SAF National Convention October 25 – 29 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Christmas Tree Cuts at Blodgett in late November (Usually just after Thanksgiving)

Officer positions (Votes will be e-mail to a faculty member: TBA)

President – Organizes / runs meetings

Vice President - Coordinate Christmas tree harvest at Blodgett

Secretary – Puts together “Timber”, helps coordinate SAF Convention

Treasurer – Keeps track of finances and reimbursements

Webmaster – Maintains and keeps webpage updated

Publicity – Post fliers around Mulford for Bean Feeds and other events.

Logging Sports Coordinator – Coordinates logging events and trips.

Merchandise – Orders forestry merchandise, bring merchandise to events

Brewmeisters – Typically two people, brings chili and drinks to Bean Feed.

Time and location of future club meetings




Location (If Available)

A) Monday 1pm

1) Room 132

B) Tuesday Noon

2) Room 260

C) Wednesday 1pm

3) Room 103c

D) Thursday Noon


BBQ at Russell


Takes place September 10, 2006 from 3-7 PM at Russell Reservation.

RSVP Gina: or (510) 589-4705


Logging Sports:


Tim has been working with Bob Heald and John Battles in organizing a logging sport practice site (Russell), as well as funding, and wood.


Date for first Bean Feed:


Late September?