FC Meeting 10/21/15


Next Wednesday October 28th ~halloween~ beanfeed with prizes for best costumes

Maybe November 18 or 19, maybe not?

-       rachelle hedges is SAF bay area secretary

-       saf bean feed usually

First week in December

-       Yule ball also in December

Cornbread, salad, brownies



Once itinerary is fully set, will e-mail out

-       fly out Monday night, get back Saturday mid-day

Let professors know that you’ll be gone for SAF, Kevin can e-mail to verify. (ASAP)

Kevin will send out list of events we should be at



we have money


Logging sports

No practice Sunday

Conclave this weekend

-       for those of you attending, read justines emails

November 18 noon tree chopping (SAME CLUB MEETING TIME)

-       suggest things to Justine asap

More not all trees deserve a hug t-shirts?


Clothes and stuff

More “not all trees deserve a hug” shirts


Main Seminar

Every Thursday, funded by the Main family, department hosted forest seminar series

General theme: global environmental policy and its interactions with forestry

John Reilly, MIT – global policy effects on climate change

-       rumor has it it’ll be in mulf 132

-       dinner is FULLLLL, bummer if you didn’t sign up

-       4pm to 5:30, you could leave early, but you shouldn’t



how to advertise phorestry.

lex has a camera.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015