FC Meeting 12/2/15

Global Student Embassy Ecuador Summer Reforestation Project. Grassroots organization.

This Thursday (Tomorrow) 5pm-6pm 75 Evans.


    • Collin, Meredith, Hannah Miller

    • Forestry Aid Program: 3-9 month seasonal position in the summer and fall.

      • Demonstrate long term sustainable yield forestry.

      • Jackson State Forest - in Fort Bragg 4-6 seasonal aids. Coastal Redwoods. Cruising and THP layout. Housing available.

      • Soquel - No Housing. Generally hire for 9 months. 15-20 minutes from Downtown Santa Cruz. Recreation, deal with mountain bikers. Interact with researchers.

      • Boggs Mountain - Hire 1-2 per year. Rehab and regeneration. Salvage logging. 3,500 Acres.

      • Latour - Hire about 4. Live in cabin in middle of the woods. Nearest town is Redding. Cruise timber. Layouts.

      • Mountain Home - A lot of recreation. Heard that one day a week cleaning toilets and campsites.

    • Deadline - December 31st. Need to mail in application. About 200 applicants. 80 chosen to interview. Hire about 20. Good benefits, health and dental.


  • General Announcements

    • Sophia - SAF, quiz bowl. Centennial Concepts. Want a student to participate on a panel, January 30th.

    • Treasury - The bank burned down L patelco no mo. WE NEED TREES

    • Alan - Xmas  tree cut.  Its this weekend! Sign up for rides. Sign up for shifts. Pendola cutting.  Sign up for soooo many shifts! SPI hats.

    • YUUUULE BAWLLL - We need a keg tap! Free keg! Fieldwork. Need a keg tap! 1 band- 30 minute set woo! Tickets @ xmas tree cut  $5 members, $10 non members. Excel sheet for potluck. Decorative CAL cookie. OFFICIAL AFTERPARTY AT THE MILL - $5 for members, $10 for non-members


“chat with strangers and get jobs” – connor


Wednesday, December 2, 2015