FC Meeting 9/30/15

Officer Announcements:

  • Alani: CAF event is on the website.

  • Bean Feed: Thanks for coming. We’ll do another one soon.

  • VP: Make a doodle for Wiffle Ball

  • Secretary: Will be sending link to website as opposed to word document.

  • Memorabilia: closet clean. About 8 people say they will attend. Send me designs for bottle opener.

  • SAF: Tickets have been purchased. Check your tickets to make sure everything (birthdate, name) is correct.

  • Logging Sports: Practice this Sunday. Build new axe throwing stands. Need to buy things from home Depot. Need Help. Cal Conclave October 24th.

  • Treasurer: Give me club dues.



  • Kevin: F&R degree: Natural Science [Professional Track option] - HDNR. Will be accredited in 3 weeks. We proposed massive changes.

  • New tract: Ecosystem Management & Forestry [Professional Track option] - NR+EM (Natural Resources & Ecosystem Management). If you are here now, the changes do not apply. Want student input about this.

  • Sophia: Maybe let’s make a video to raise awareness about the Forestry major. Need to clear cup misconceptions. People think your only option is to be a park ranger.


Other Announcements

  • CAF Event: Sit with alumni, not other students. Party at Sophia’s afterwards.

  • Connor: Stump the Forester. Set up on sproul and let people ask question and try to stump you.
Wednesday, September 30, 2015