February 18th, 2015

Forestry Club Meeting Minutes- February 18th, 2015


  • SAF
  • Edison
  • Money
  • Officer Announcements
  • Kevin has some important thing to talk about
  • Other Things

SAF (and Edison)

  • Unfortunately, the SAF dude couldn’t come, but he might be here next week. This other guy from SPI might come too. Maybe next week?
  • Suggestion: we should have more visitors talking about jobs during club meetings
  • Renew your SAF membership before you graduate! Its $40 now compared to $100 after you graduate! Save your moooneys.

Q: Why? Why should I bother with SAF membership anyway?

A: Because! It’s a professional society for foresters, come on. If you want to go to the SAF convention, you have to be a member. Also, you get access to the SAF journal of forestry, and our field is super community oriented, so it helps to be involved in the forestry things.


  • We have less money than before because we reimbursed people who went to the SAF winter convention. But we still have a bunch of money, 10,000 something, almost 11,000…
  • Robert (Rubeez?) sent us $200 dollars and a super sweet card J (He’s a Cal Alum, works with SFC certification now) 

Bean Feed

  • Bean Feed Thursday (2/19) at 5pm! There’s going to be a bunch of yummy goodies. Invite yo professors and gsi(s). And don’t forget to bring your bowl and spoon! If you’re free, help set up in front of Mulford around 5pm.
  • Luke has closet key (just FYI)
  • We gonna have the bay area, SAF chapter bean feed on April 1st. Mark your calendars.
  • We also need to have the “Welcome New Campers!” bean feed
  • Cooking at will be happening in Kingman around 8pm! Come if you wanna help!

Logging Sports


  • We have a new timber email address! Email all your pictures, stories, anything you want to include in timber!
  • There’s a drawing contest for the cover of timber! Submit all your designs by April 15th. Make sure you include “Cal Timber 2014- 15” somewhere
  • Idea to have a little party for writing articles this Friday at noon (possibly a reoccurring thing). Chill outdoors with yummy snacks and get writing J
  • We need pictures of everyone in the club, so send those in. And don’t download your pictures from facebook because it lowers the resolution.
  • Cool new things in timber: under everybody’s picture we could list our favorite… something (we could go with the obvious option, tree)
  • A list of articles that need to be written will be sent out soon

Kevin has a lot of things to talk about

  • If you are a senior or junior and you want to join Xi Sigma Pi, the National Forest Honor Society (gpa at least 3.0), you need to crave a wooden ax and have everyone who is currently in the society sign it (mostly faculty and grad students right now)

Q: What is the National Forest Honor Society all about?

A: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xi_Sigma_Pi

  • You can be creative with your design, but try to have it at least 10-11 inches. (Wood won’t be provided.)
  • We are going to open up our new forestry camp website! forestrycamp@berkeley.edu
  • SAF gives graduating seniors a *free ring. Kevin says it’s very attractive. If you are graduating this spring in the professional option and would like a very attractive ring, send Kevin your name, SAF ID, and ring size

*really $40 dollars if you don’t have SAF membership

Current Event

  • NPR has this awesome article about Japanese balloon bombs in WW2. A forester recently found one near the U.S border.

Read up: http://www.npr.org/blogs/npr-history-dept/2015/01/20/375820191/beware-of-japanese-balloon-bombs

Other Things

  • 2013 campers really need to get their t-shirts. DOYO design?
  • Harrison found a super cool DBH tape at a yard sale
  • Let’s apply for an SAF scholarship award ($500). The application process is fairly straight forward. We can split up the tasks and get it dooone.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015