February 25th, 2015


Meeting date | time 2/25/2015 12:00 PM | Meeting location 103 Mulford


*    SAFE + Anu

*    Richmond Field Station   

*    Kevin J

*    Officer and Members Announcements

*    SPI Presentation: Joe and Matt


*    Anu from SAFE (Student Association for Fire Ecology) is coming to talk at next week’s meeting

*    For more info about their group, check out this neat-o website: http://nature.berkeley.edu/wfrg/

Richmond Field Station

*    Field trip to Richmond Field Station on March 13th at 1pm. Ricky will send out signups and agenda info soon.


*    Representative from Edison (Ryan) will be coming next week. Edison is reviewing resumes now, so get them in ASAP!


*    Finish your ax carving (signatures included!) for Xi Sigma Pi by March 13th

*    There will be a forestry seminar every Monday at noon, 103 Mulford. Next Monday(March 2nd), there will be a talk about Silviculture in Israel

Officer and Member Announcements

Bean Feed

*    Last week’s bean feed was awesome (we made 27 dollars!)

*    We are still finalizing the dates for future bean feeds. We are going to have two in April: one for the new campers and one for SAF bay area  

*    Thanks to all the bean feed coordinators and those who helped out. You guys are awesome ;) 

*    Are we ever going to have a Friday bean feed? Probably not L because we need to get them professors to come  

Logging Sports

*    Logging Sports team is no longer going to Oregon

*    Practice this Sunday as usual  

*    If you want to go to afuc let Justine know! Only two people signed up so far. Come even if you want to chill and meet new people. It’s okay if you aren’t competing


*    Submit your Timber cover designs by April 15th

Camping with Humbolt

*    Keep the weekend of April 11th and 25th free! Those are our two potential camping dates so far

Other Things

*    Confused on where to get a block of wood to crave your ax out of? Nervous about the upcoming deadline (March 13th)? The Logging Sports team can hook you up. Talk to Justine

*    Jobs timeline is accelerated, so get those resumes in!

SPI Job Presentation


*    SPI is a large company- second largest in the United States. Established in 1949 as a milling company with only eight employees. Today it has 4,600 employees—community orientated  

*    Land spans from Nor Cal to Oregon totaling 1.6 Million acres, largest private land owner in the U.S

*    Management: long term sustained yield plan

*    Clear cutting: Habitat retention area- 17 acres in size, 2 percent of area in unmanaged state. Retain key wildlife structures (woody debris, rocky outcrops, etc.)

*    Female pacific fisher using habitat retention areas

*    Even-age harvesting- why? Managed for industrial purposes historically. Planting at an intense rate. Seeds taken from seed trees that show superior genetics (none of that GMO stuff)

*    5-7 million trees planted in recent years because of large wildfires

*    SFI Certification

Summer Employment Opportunity

*    Entry level position, mostly timber cruising. APPLY BEFORE March 1st

*    Good chance you will be permanently hired after the summer

Tasks are focused of timber cursing, but there is opportunity to work on timber harvest plans or wildlife and botanical surve

Wednesday, February 25, 2015