Welcome to Cal Forestry!


What is Cal Forestry?

Recently celebrating its centennial birthday, Cal Forestry is one of the oldest forestry programs in the nation. There is a rich history and community surrounding Cal Forestry, and countless doors are opened to our students in academic and professional settings.

The Forestry Major:

The Forestry Major aims at educating students to work as experts in the management and conservation of forest ecosystems. It is a professional degree program accredited by the Society of American Foresters and is approved for Professional Forester’s licensing in California, allowing students a leg up in professional forester certifications. Forestry is an important field that is dedicated to the care and maintenance of forests today and for generations to come. Because foresters act under constantly changing political pressures, students are taught to be proficient in historical and current policy issues. The major offers students the opportunities to fully understand the biophysical, social, and economic connections between the sustainability and conservation of wood products, watersheds, wildlife habitat, forest landscapes, outdoor recreation, and other desired environmental benefits. The program also offers students unique opportunities to participate in research with faculty as interns in labs and field research projects. These interactions lead to valuable experience for students wanting to go on to graduate research, positions in forest management, and a multitude of other exciting career possibilities.

The Forestry Minor:

A minor is basically a smaller version of the major, because some students may not want to totally focus on forestry and all its facets, but may want exposure to some aspects of forest ecosystem management. An easy way to minor in Forestry and Natural Resources is to take an elective in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (ESPM) and attend summer camp for 8 weeks and learn Sierra Nevada ecology, introductory silviculture, and forest operations while being immersed in the history of the 100 year old UC Forestry Camp.

Interested in declaring? Major information can be found here, and minor information can be found here!

What do Foresters DO?

Research and management activities in:
Wildland Fire • Wildfire control and prescription burning • Grassland and Woodland • Urban Forestry • Watershed policy and science • Wildlife • Environmental advocacy and conservation • Ecological Restoration • Forestry • Tropical Ecology and Forestry • and many more!

Courses Offered:

ESPM 102A: Terrestrial Ecology
ESPM 102B: Natural Resource Sampling
ESPM 102C: Resource Management
ESPM 102D: Resource & Environment Policy
ESPM 108A: Tree Taxonomy
ESPM 120: Soil Characteristics
ESPM 134: Fire, Insects and Disease
ESPM 182: Forest Operations Management
ESPM 183: Forest Ecosystem Management
ESPM 185: Silviculture

And many more. For the full listing, please visit the CNR Webpage