January 24th

January 24, 2018


New Advisor - Jodi is the new Forestry Club advisor, congratulations Jodi


Planting - The club agrees to plant Tightwad Hill once again.  Alegra will coordinate dates.  Most likely tuesday/wednesday/thursday of next week.


New Officers -

President: Ben

VP: Katie

Sec: Ross

Treasurer: Camila


Volunteer Positions

Been Feed Coordinator: Alegra & WES, w/ assistance from Giselle

Cooks beans

Merch: Lewis, w/ assistance from Sabrina

Mails merch

Reorders merch

Senior BBQ: Peter, Saumitra, Jac, and most importantly Spencer, master organizer

Cook, acquire alcohol permit

“Bean feed with higher stakes”

“Everyone is welcome to come” (“Please come” - Alegra)

Publicity: Andrew, w/ assistance from Katie

Promotes the club

Updates the bulletin board

Webmaster: Elizabeth

Puts minutes online

Updates website

By including young folk amongst the myriad senior volunteers, we hope to preserve institutional knowledge


Sasha On Timber

  • Sasha has a journalism degree, so timber isn’t good enough.  

  • We must do more outreach so that people are aware of the publication; it’s very hard to find a copy these days

  • Sasha can help organize this, and maybe put Timber online?


Sara(h) and Choirs

  • Forestry club has been chosen

  • To publicize and support Sara’s choir group, which is holding a show to benefit California fire victims

  • Also, if anyone knows a charity that will benefit said victims, let us know.  We must know within two weeks, though.  

  • The show is Feb 10th at 7 or maybe 8 pm.  TIckets are $5, sold at the door at a TBD location on campus.  


The Usual Club Business

Logging Sports

  • Chop logs into smaller pieces

  • See the ride sheet by emailing buckingbears@gmail.com

  • Feb 8 “Show”

    • There’s no pressure! (Untrue?)

    • Thu, Fri, Sat, coinciding nicely with the aforementioned choral concert.  

    • If you want to sign up, do so by friday.

  • March 15th Redwood Regional Show

    • They’ve got that event where you have to balance on a log in some water, neat.

  • AWFC

    • It’s over spring break, so cancel your plans

    • Super cool

    • At Cal Poly SLO

  • Are you interested in logging sports? Come to a competition or a practice

  • But to compete you need Alegra’s approval, so good luck.

SAF Workday

  • It’s at Russel.  It’s also the logging sports workday, conveniently

  • Everyone will be there

  • Lunch provided!

  • But BYOBreakfast

  • Starts at 8, but you can be late

  • Alegra will send a ride sign up later

  • There’s also a sunday practice the next day

  • Wear long pants and closed toed shoes or be sad

Christmas Tree Cut

  • Andrew deposited the cash

  • We made 5K, thank you very much Kathie

Pay Your Dues

  • Pay your dues

  • $5, in the form of cash, handed to Camila

  • Or, via Venmo @Camila-Quintana


  • Be on it

  • Email Alegra if you aren’t

  • There’s a facebook group too: Cal Forestry Club 17-18

    • It’s got meeting info, you can get beers with your friends.  

  • There is no twitter

Adjourned 1pm.  

Thursday, January 25, 2018