March 11th, 2015


*    Field Trip Friday March 13th

*    Officer Announcements

*    Logging Sports- Last Practice this SUNDAY

*    Ryan and Patrick from Edison

Richmond Field Station

*    Friday March 13th at 1pm

*    Google doc will be sent out to coordinate rides- leaving at 12pm, Tour starts at 1pm

Kevin has important things to say

*    Graduating Seniors!! If you’re a member of the Society of American Foresters and in the Professional Option of the FNR degree program AND WANT A FREE RING send Kevin your SAF ID and ring size ASAP!! (by April 10th)

*    The deadline to have your ax ready has been extended from March 13th to ASAP (most likely not a flexible ASAP, so huuurry)

*    Forestry Camp applications due Friday!!

Officer and Member Announcements

Bean Feed

*    We are going to have two Bean Feeds in April: one for the new campers and one for SAF bay area 

*    April 27th we are having our Bean Feed for new campers. It’s really important that we come out and make the new campers feel welcome  

Logging Sports

*    This Sunday is the last logging sports practice of the semester

*    Come out this Sunday to make the site look nice for summer! Food! BBQ! Wooh!

*    Starts at 10am

*    Rides? Talk to Justine


*    Submit your Timber cover designs to by April 15th

*    April 3rd meet up to write articles!!! Friday at noon, location TBA

Other Things:

*    Merchandise? Talk to Luke

Ryan and Patrick from Edison

*    Site Background- an hour east of Fresno, mixed conifer forests. Near Shaver Lake, 20,000 acres

*    Working for a power company is cool because foresters get a lot of leeway in how they manage forests (power company doesn’t really know much about forestry)

*    Resource Inventory- systematic random sampling, GIS

*    10 year harvest rotation with about 1,500 acres treated per year

*    Timber Cursing done a single- tree selection basis

*    Prescribed fire- burn as much as possible, one of the few private companies that does broadcast burning

*    Wildlife biology- look to wildlife to gauge whether managing land well (recruitment and surveillance)

*    Big on cooperative research- Rob York on gap based silviculture, Kings River experimental watershed project, pacific fisher project, coop prescribe burn slated for whenever USFS is ready, and partnership with graduate students at UC’s

*    Recent Challenges- insect-driven mortality due to drought, wildfire. Mill might shut down in response to toad listing

*    What does the future hold?

*    Stewardship of the environment while working with the community (interest to preserve Edison in good light (not “Edison, ahh! They’re timber beasts!!”)

*    Sadly, all positions filled for this summer (there were only 2). Next summer though, they are going to have a lot of positions open, so keep it in mind


Wednesday, March 11, 2015