March 4th, 2015


*    SAFE + Anu

*    Xi Sigma Pi (Forestry Honor Society)

*    Field Trip Next Week- March 13th

*    Thank you card signing

*    Officer and Member Announcements

Student Association for Fire Ecology (SAFE)

*    Anu Kramer (grad student in Scott Stephens lab) is here to give a short introduction to SAFE

*    Meetings are twice a month. Discussions focus on recent developments in fire ecology, and there is a strong emphasis on outreach. Examples include teaching fourth graders about fire ecology, leading fire demonstration at Tilden (fire vortex demo?!), fire training, helping out with prescribe fires (Blodgett)

*     Next meeting March 16th Monday at 5pm in Scott Stephens Lab. There will be fooood!

*    Any specific questions? Email

*    For more info about their group, check out this neat-o website:

Xi Sigma Pi

*    Scott Stephens has pieces of wood for your ax! Hurry and pick one up from his office!

*    If you need tools and other things to carve your ax, talk to Connor Williams

Richmond Field Station

*    Friday March 13th at 1pm

*    One option to get there: take the shuttle that runs from campus to the station OR setting up a ride share

*    Were loaded so we can totally pay for ride

*    Trip consists of: about 2 hour tour, a short talk, tension wood demonstration

*    Come out! We can get out of this room and learn about wood things

Thank you Card for Alum

*    Card was passed around to sign and say thanks for supporting the club (he sent $200)

Officer and Member Announcements

Bean Feed

*    We are going to have two Bean Feeds in April: one for the new campers and one for SAF bay area 

*    April 27th we are having our Bean Feed for new campers. It’s really important that we come out and make the new campers feel welcome  

Logging Sports

*    Logging Sports team is no longer going to Oregon

*    Practice this Sunday as usual

*    Does anybody want to lead practice? Justine won’t be able to make it.


*    Submit your Timber cover designs to by April 15th

*    Who wants to write articles? Topics: Cal Forestry Centennial, tree chopping rally, Bean Feeds, recipe for chilly, Cal Day, field trips, logging sports practice, Cal conclave, Humbolt camping trip, Xi Sigma Pi (pictures of axes), class field trip

*    Friday afternoons we can get together to write articles. Possible dates: March 13th and 20th, April 3rd and 10th

Other Things:

*    We need to get new saws (10-20) Maddy and Rhianna have volunteered to get them

*    After spring break, we are going to have a large logging sports gathering, wood splitting and barbeque- possibly camp the night before

*    Ideas for publicity boards? A timber to display? Resources to guide the interested.

*    Next week: Ryan from Edison is going to give a talk

*    Allison has offered to send out hiring info from Davey Tree company


Wednesday, March 4, 2015