Meeting 9/2/15

First Meeting of the Year!

Welcome to All: to one of the oldest student/faculty orginzations on campus!

Components of the Club:

The Club

Logging Sports

SAF student chapter

Int Forestry Student Assoc

  • List Serve: we need your berkeley email to put you on the listserve, spread the word

Officers!! and Nominees

  • Kevin will email out official canidate list. If you want to be put on or taken off, let him know by the end of the week!

Society of American Foresters: Convention this year! Expected to bring about 15 students to Baton rouge

  • Funded by club, CAF, and Deans Office
  • November 3rd-7th--Check your schedule to ensure you can go!
  • You must join SAF ($40 for students) in order to attend
  • SAF Diversity Scholership--6 people applied, its still open through the fourth!
  • It is so fun and good for networking! Often live hiring
  • Seniors and officers often get priority

Logging Sports:

  • table for Calapalooza to recruit for Foretry and the team
  • 2pm-7pm so drop on by to help out TODAY
  • Rick has kindly taken the lead on organizing and setting this up
  • precise table location hasnt be assigned
  • Logging Sports: bucking, chopping, chainsaw, tree climb, and more--all expierence can help getting jobs. lots of competetions and shows and is super fun to! No expierence necessary

First Practice for Logging Sports this Sunday!! Email for more information or check the website

  • possibility of hosting a berkeley conclave--to get this done we need involvment from the whole club. Berkeley is one of the founding memebers of the association of logging sports team so its abotu time we host a conclabe again. Keep an eye out for more info on this.

Honors Progam: Have to have GPA of 3.6 or higher and you get to do research your senior year. For more information, talk to Alani


Wednesday, September 2, 2015