Meeting 9/23/15



1.         Officer Announcements:

a.          SAF: November 2nd – 7th. Leaving Monday night, returning Saturday morning. Have a place – colonial home, sleeps 13 (probably will cram more). Need SAF ID number. Need to register for SAF if new member, can register online.

b.         Timber: Keep taking pictures of Cal Foresters doing fun things. Take pictures at tonight’s Bean Feed.

c.          Bean Feed: 1st feed tonight at 5:30pm.

d.         Closet Clean next Wednesday. Using club money to buy pizza. No opposition. Stairs at the top of Mulford.

e.          Vice President. Camping on October 17th. Talk to Alan if interested.

f.            Treasurer: $9,800 in account.

g.          President: Sophia is giving an OFFICIAL SPEECH at the concert.


2.         Sent $200 donation to families who lost their home. Note to get the club to chainsaw a bunch of dead trees.

3.         Constitution

a.          Difference - Constitution B more open ended w/ position.

b.         Constitution A - detailed with exact duties.

c.          Kevin says paragraph on discrimination is too long (Version A)

d.         Unanimously approved - Constitution A

4.         Memorabilia - bottle opener

a.          ? can we get a bulk discount? Rick: yes but not sure what it is yet

b.         Topic tabled until we know more about details and stuff

5.         Trivia nights at Daily Pint?

6.         Remember to give Sophia 10$ for CAF



Wednesday, September 23, 2015