Meeting 9/9/15


SAF coordinator. Ball coordinator.

Kevin – first year with so many contested positions, inflation of positions, discussion for appointments instead of election.

Only ones that should be elected: President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, Pubmaster

  • Vote: All except one agree.
  • Make sure you let the person know that they have been nominated instead of automatically appointing them.


Other Announcements:

Ricky – Somebody volunteer to help with the website to help Alani do more publicity. Might be changing platforms.

Kevin – October 2nd Cal Foresters will have alumni event. Seminar at 4pm, dinner is at 6pm Clark Kerr. Students have to pay $10 by September 23rd. Give $ to Sophia or Kevin.



  1. Bean Feed Coordinators. First Bean Feed is September (18th?) Best day for everybody is Wednesday.
  2. SAF: November 3rd. We can spend a night in New Orleans Friday or Saturday night. Contact professors soon. Will send an email out with specifics and dates. Leave Monday Night Red Eye or Tuesday night? Most people want Monday night red eye. Kevin – make sure you are committed to going if you sign up, club will lose money if not.
  3. Ben – Memorabilia. Closet clean. Will send out Doodle. Day of the week that works best – Wednesday at 5?



Wednesday, September 9, 2015