September 10, 2014


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Meeting Discussion


Pay your dues by September 25th. Dues are $5

Bean Feeed

When will the first bean feed be? September 18 or 25th from 5-8 pm.
Bean feeds consist of fun people and beans!
Vote results: Bean Fees if on September 25th, 5-7pm. Bring friends, but non-members please contribute to the tip jar.


Event is SOLD OUT. Apologies to those who don't have tickets. No crashing due to fire marshalls.
Great networking opportunity and good preperation for what the SAF convention environment will be like.
Who is selling Merchendise?
--Luke and Volunteers: Maddy, Amber, Hannah, Justine.
Dress Code: Festive [Business Casual]
Also, Find fun things to display from the closet. Give to Rick Standiford by the 17th.

Bean Feeed

SAF Convention: October 8-11th.
Needs a Commmitment ASAP. Contact Hannah or Maddy

Officer Announcements

Logging Sports: Practice on Sunday, 10 am. Site clean-up, Event Introduction.

Member Announcements

Camper 14' T-shirts are ready, email will go out to follow-up
Give your club dues asap

Meeting End